Undergraduate Li Xincaos exposure distance is only 10 meters from the bar.

 Undergraduate Li Xincaos exposure distance is only 10 meters from the bar.

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Female college student Li Xincao was exposed at the suspected falling point, only 10 meters away from the bar blown by men (Source: Pear Video)

[Female college student Li Xincaos suspected landing point was exposed, only 10 meters away from the mans fan bar]. Yunnan 18-year-old sophomore girl Li Xincao fell into the water and died. Her mother provided a bar surveillance video showing that a man suspected of pressing Li Xincao under his body and then slapping her. Her mother said that her daughter drowned in another secret, the police have set up a working group to verify.

Source: Pear Video Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799