Illegal modification! A freight car with a load of tens of tons will become king of 100 tons after a price increase of 70,000 yuan

 Illegal modification! A freight car with a load of tens of tons will become king of 100 tons after a price increase of 70,000 yuan


A price increase of 780,000 will enable the customization of trailers of more than 100 tons.

Li Hui, a driver who has been engaged in truck long-distance transportation for 20 years, told Beiqing Daily that in short-distance transportation, overloaded 100-ton King trucks are not uncommon. There are still quite a lot of trucks capable of carrying more than 100 tons, but mainly for short-distance transportation of 3400 kilometers, while long-distance transportation is relatively rare. He said that such heavy-duty trucks carrying more than 100 tons of cargo are usually refitted. At present, the rated load of the truck with the maximum carrying capacity on the market is also more than 40 tons. Over 100 tons is definitely overloaded, which is beyond the national standard. No truck company will launch such a large carrying capacity truck and can only find someone to refit by itself.

Li Hui told the Beijing Youth Daily that the most important thing for truck drivers to refit the 100-ton King is to make the vehicle loadable, pullable. For a car like ours that has not been refitted, the bucket cant carry so many goods, so if we want to refit, we need to change the bucket, axle, brake system and so on. Basically, we are looking for a repair shop. The cost is generally about 100,000 yuan.

According to Liu Gang, the head of a private fleet, there were more than 50 100-ton King dump trucks in his own fleet. They are trailers customized directly from the factory, customized and reinforced according to their own needs. Liu Gang said that the approved quality of the trucks he purchased is 49 tons, the price of the whole truck is about 42,000, and after a price increase of 78,000, larger trailers can be customized. Vehicles, generally can be loaded to more than 100 tons of combined vehicles with cargo, the maximum time can be loaded to more than 200 tons, before mainly running around Texas transport.

On-line retailers sell and transform 100-ton King accessories

In addition, Li Hui also mentioned that in addition to looking for car factories and maintenance factories, the modified parts can also be bought online. Experienced drivers can also complete some modifications themselves. On October 12, a reporter from Beiqing Daily searched for 100-ton King on an e-commerce platform and found that there were many accessories for 100-ton King trailer, including brake pump valves, tires, etc. The price was more than 200 to 2200 yuan.

In the product introduction, the sellers of brake pump valves claimed that this product is an anti-lock brake product. Compared with similar products on the market, under the same conditions, when overloaded vehicles are running normally under full load, the brake distance can be reduced by nearly 40% and the pedal force can be reduced by 50%. In the product exchange area, a buyer directly asked, After the three bridges more than 100 tons, which one is more appropriate? Is it easy to pull a hundred tons?

The reporter of Beiqing Daily consulted one of the shopkeepers as a buyer, and the other side recommended a brake pump valve. He said that the labeling of a certain type of brake pump valve is suitable for 80 to 120 tons. It is no problem to pull 70 to 80 tons or 890 tons in peacetime. A valve can be used for more than two years. Most drivers buy it and install it themselves, and we will guide it through video.

Hands and feet for passing the annual review

Moreover, these factories and maintenance factories will provide follow-up maintenance services. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, the operation of freight cars needs to go through the annual review of the public security department every year. Therefore, how to pass the annual review has become the first problem that the 100 tons King needs to face.

Li Hui said that in his transportation experience for so many years, he has seen a lot of 100-ton King. Generally speaking, the 100-ton King can be seen at a glance, so in order to pass the vehicle inspection smoothly, drivers will restore the modified parts before the annual review, and then refit them after the annual review.


The maximum truck load shall not exceed 49 tons.

In fact, the illegal status of 100 tons king has been clearly stipulated in relevant laws and regulations. According to the Regulations on Highway Management of Over-limit Transportation Vehicles (Order No. 62 of the Ministry of Transport 2016), the maximum total quality of goods and trucks is 49 tons, which is over 49 tons.

According to the staff who have been working all the year round to control the over-limit line, when the over-load and over-limit vehicles pass through highways and bridges, there may be situations that exceed the design bearing capacity, even road surface damage and bridge collapse, and serious road traffic safety accidents are also prone to occur.

In principle, he said, it would be illegal for a truck to carry more than 49 tons, and even more serious for a truck to carry more than 100 tons. But for the punishment of 100-ton King, the standards vary from place to place. On the whole, the punishment standards are relatively low. Many truck drivers take risks in order to make more profits. According to the police officer of Jiujiang Traffic Police Nest, Jiangxi Province, If the vehicle is overloaded, the traffic police department can deal with it directly. If it exceeds the limit, it will be handled by the transport management department. The punishment ranges from 5,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, depending on how serious the situation is. If it is particularly serious, administrative or criminal penalties may be imposed on the driver concerned.


On August 19, this year, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport, the Public Security Department and the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Control of Over-long Illegal Transport Behavior of Vehicle Transport Vehicles, which explicitly mentioned that the supervision of the sources of centralized loading points, logistics stations and production sites of passenger car manufacturing enterprises would be strengthened, and vehicles that did not meet the loading requirements would be strictly prohibited. A transport vehicle leaves the factory and goes on the road.

Li Hui, who has been traveling all the year round, has been deeply touched by this. He said that in order to avoid supervision, 100-ton King usually chooses provincial roads and national highways without checkpoints, but it is not entirely not high-speed. It mainly depends on the way of overweighing at toll stations. Some of the high-speed toll stations are on the whole ground, so it is very difficult to overload. However, some of them are only a small scale, if the driver is skilled, they may not be able to find out. In addition, some places now control the inspection of overload at the source, from the time of loading to regulate, even if the driver wants to overload other peoples enterprises do not dare to load you.

Liu Gang told the Beijing Youth Daily: The 100-ton King has been fined everywhere. We have been found that a car is fined 340,000 yuan, and a trip of 200 tons of sand earns only 2,3,000 yuan, which is not enough. Now we dare not overload it. Since last year, Liu Gangs team has not dared to overload.


Ground traffic has been restored at the accident section under Wuxi Viaduct Bridge

On October 12, according to the latest announcement from the Information Office of the Peoples Government of Wuxi, after the serious road traffic accident of 10.10 crossing the bridge on National Highway 312 Xigang Road occurred, Wuxi City quickly established a traffic accident investigation team, which consists of a comprehensive group, a management group and a technical group, and invited five experts to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation.

On October 11, the accident investigation was officially launched. The investigation team conducted an advance investigation on the owner, the vehicle causing the accident, the loading situation, the overturned and compressed vehicle on the bridge deck, the overturned vehicle on the bridge deck, the transport company and the unit of the cargo loading terminal, and took compulsory measures according to law for the driver, the owner, the legal representative of the transport enterprise and the main person in charge and the administrator of the cargo loading terminal. The expert group hired by the investigation team collected 9 kinds of relevant data of accident bridges and adjacent two bridges, and carried out technical level analysis. After synthesizing the relevant information of all parties, the expert group will make further analysis and judgment on the cause of the accident, and finally form a technical analysis report. At the same time, the investigation team is collecting laws, regulations and information related to accidents, analyzing the progress of investigation based on technical reasons, and conducting in-depth investigation on the causes and responsibilities of accident-related management levels. Upon completion of the investigation, the results of the investigation will be released to the public in a timely manner.

On October 12, according to a micro-release by the official of the Information Office of the Peoples Government of Wuxi, after the scene rescue, Wuxi Transportation Department and Armed Police Detachment and other units mobilized more than 20 sets of large-scale machinery to immediately carry out the demolition, cleaning up of overturned bridge decks and the repair of ground traffic. After continuous operation, ground traffic on Xigang Road has been restored.

At present, the overturning of the national highway bridge toward Shanghai, while the other side of the bridge deck needs to be tested, so the bridge is impassable. But at the beginning, the bridge was designed to pass through this level crossing. So for the time being, the national highway traffic will be driven on the ground, while the traffic guidance will be strengthened on the spot.

The original pavement under the 312 National Highway Overpass Bridge has been repaired in the daytime and night on the 11th to re-lay asphalt, and the re-laying section is 30 or 40 meters.

Source: Xu Meng, editor in charge of Beijing Youth Daily