Idol Dream START Inhuman School Girl Bands lead song Endless Summer to listen to first

 Idol Dream START Inhuman School Girl Bands lead song Endless Summer to listen to first

The Source of Endless Summer is about to be released and audited first.

For this important performance, the special four members of the Girl Idol Band had a hard rehearsal, and the main song Endless Summer will be presented perfectly. Although the complete version of the song is still in the stage of secrecy, in order to let students feel the vitality and happy atmosphere in the music first, todays sound source fragments are released first. Lets feel the initial sounds of Endless Summer.

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Non-human School Garden - Topic Song First Listen - Endless Summer (Source: Netease)

Idol Theme Event Attacks Multiple Welfare Surprises

With the opening of the Idol Festival, every Friday to Sunday this month, participants in the Idol Festival activities can be rewarded, such as hand clappers, treasure boxes, heavenly athlete Handbook experience and so on. Two consecutive weekends to complete the special training task can also win performance tickets to exchange Lion Girls exclusive portrait frame!

On the Unhuman School

Netease Wulitou Comic Style 5V5 pairs of fighters tour Inhuman Academy x Headless Knight Anecdotes linkage opened, the most powerful legend of Pool Bag debut! More girlsidol bands are shining and gathering, bringing a fanatical performance stage! Evolution is a journey of high energy and brainstorming.

The familiar fairy immortals, incarnate as the non all superpowers, the inexplicable nonsense painting style, the joyful Tucao Tucao, the whole high energy, the zero urine point joyful duel, the hero intimacy, creates your exclusive life. Lets rub together an incredible new chapter in this magical cartoon world!

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