Presale 15.99-19.99 million Pentium T99 to go public on November 1

 Presale 15.99-19.99 million Pentium T99 to go public on November 1

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From the aspect of appearance, Pentium T99 inherits the design language of Pentium T family light and shadow refraction, octagonal raindrop type air intake grille, and fish bone type head lamp group, which creates a strong and domineering style for Pentium T99. Overall, Pentium T99, based on the design language of photorefraction, injects a new design concept of phantom of light and shadow, and adopts a design form between polygons and curved surfaces.

Looking from the side, the design of the whole flat straight line makes the waistline also show a strong style. The taillights adopt through-type LED light source taillights, brake lights and steering lights are integrated on both sides of the long taillights, and the rear fog lamps are designed with flagpole, and are arranged vertically below the two sides of the long taillights.

In terms of size, Pentium T99 is 4800/1915/1685 mm in length, width and height, and its wheelbase is 2870 mm, which is the same size as Red Flag HS5. It adopts five layouts. In addition, Pentium T99 has five body colors to choose from: Emperor Blue, Fuller Silver, Phantom Black, Jazz Brown and Pearl White.

As for interior decoration, the central console has added stitching decoration, interior design of interior atmosphere lamp and wood decoration board, which improves the luxury of flagship SUV models. The double 12-inch LCD dashboard on the top and the integrated central control panel are designed to match the touch screen on the bottom instead of the physical keys, which is exquisite and simple. According to the latest news, the crystal gear rod is the selection of Pentium T99.

In terms of configuration, Pentium T99 is equipped with D-life 5.0 system, 360-degree image, automatic parking, electric rear door, parking radar, steep slope gradient, blind area monitoring, skylight, yaw tips, etc. The holographic intelligent control system in D-life5.0 system, based on voice interaction, combines 3D holography and AI technology, makes the traditional vehicle voice assistant concrete, and becomes YOMI, the virtual life living in the car. This holographic intelligent control system is upgraded to version 2.0. Users can customize 3D holographic image for virtual life YOMI. Through mobile phone APP, they can customize their own 3D holographic image (image of themselves, family or friends), and interact with the virtual image in the car space.