Show Notes of Direct Expo: Straight 10 and Straight 20 are just front dishes

 Show Notes of Direct Expo: Straight 10 and Straight 20 are just front dishes

Tianjin Helicopter Expo is the largest helicopter exhibition in Asia. It is held every two years and this year is the fifth.

Because of Chinas increasingly important international status, helicopter development capability and helicopter consumer market, countries around the world attach great importance to it. This year, 415 enterprises from 18 countries participated in the exhibition, and all the major helicopter manufacturers around the world were present.

Helicopter Falling Leaves Floating

The exhibition includes both static and flying performances. In the morning and afternoon of each public day, there is an hour flight performance arranged by the Wind and Thunderstorm Performance Team participating in the National Day parade. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

Flight performances on public days are scheduled from 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning and 14:30 to 15:30 in the afternoon.

Address hint

Not only military models such as Zhi 10, Zhi 19 and Zhi 20, but also civil models such as AC311 and Enstron 480B, participated in the flight performance.

Civil helicopters mainly perform rescue and other subjects, while Wind and Thunder Performance Team has many stimulating actions. The on-site commentary is very generous and enthusiastic, which is also the consistent feature of the domestic air show.

Outdoor static display of the aircraft is not many, mainly in China Aviation Industrys several fist works.

Straight 8, straight 20, straight 10 and straight 19 each. However, the direct 8 painting of Lu Hang should be the first time to show up in the direct exposition. From the appearance, it seems that there are many improvements compared with the past.

Lu hang Zhi 8

Zhi-20 is the star of this air show. CCTV and its respective media gather here.

Below is a straight-20 with a wind and thunder label to block the fuselage serial number. But the exhaust port of the engine is very clean - it is generally believed that the straight-20 engine is better than the Black Hawk, with low noise, high efficiency and less carbon deposition.

Star -20

The Zhi-20 is a general purpose helicopter with no weapons on display. However, due to the participation of professional households Wuzhi-10 and Wuzhi-19, airborne weapons, including rockets, artillery shells, air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface missiles, can also be seen in this direct exposition.

Many foreign soldiers can be seen in the meeting hall. They look at these things very carefully.

Airborne Firepower Display

On the civilian side, there are only five helicopters participating in outdoor static display, but they cover the worlds major helicopter producers.

Including Airbuss H135 and Leonardos AW 169, Sikorskys S-300C, Guimbals Carbi G2, and a magical home-made flying saucer.

Airbus H135 General Helicopter

Civil helicopters of the China Aviation Industry are parked outdoors in the southern half. Because of flying performance tasks, the public can not appreciate them at close range. But far away we can see that the AC311, AC312 and AC313 are all there.

The U.S. Enstron helicopter acquired by Chinese enterprises sent 480B to participate in the air show, but did not see another U.S. company Rotway acquired by Hunan private enterprises.

Domestic AC311 Helicopter

The direct exposition was jointly organized by Tianjin Municipal Government, CAAC Industrial Helicopter and PLA, so many auxiliary equipment of the Air Corps also participated in the exhibition, including multi-functional UAV, searchlight, radar and excavator.

For me, there may be one more reason to take a look.

Multifunctional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of Land Flight Regiment

The indoor exhibition hall is also very busy - helicopters are small, many exhibitors directly put the aircraft in the room, in order to communicate with the audience at close range.

Most of the factories that do not appear outdoors are stationed indoors with their agent partners.

For example, Bell Helicopter cooperated with Huabin to exhibit Bells new generation product 505, Robinson cooperated with Heifert to exhibit the classic product R-44 and so on.

Robinson R-44 helicopter

One of the most extensive uses of civil helicopters is rescue, so the manufacturers of this direct Expo have killed red eye in rescue.

Jinhui Rescue is the largest rescue helicopter operator in China, which is tightly tied up with the Central American. Airbus, Bell, Sikorsky and others are unwilling to lag behind, and have also strengthened the rescue promotion.

Sino-Russian helicopter even launched two rescue helicopters in this exhibition, namely Ansat and Yitongvila (UAV).

Ansat is said to be able to carry three stretchers at a time.

In the past two years, the general aviation industry has received a lot of subsidies, especially the rescue helicopter sector, so as long as we firmly grasp the rescue breakthrough, we can always make money, which is also the reason why all the rescue helicopters fight desperately.

AW-139 Rescue Helicopter for Jinhui Rescue

Another widely used civilian helicopter is power line patrol. Especially in mountainous areas, air efficiency is thousands of times higher than ground patrol.

At the air show site, an H215 helicopter delivered to the State Grid was pulled to the scene. It is said to be the first H215 to be delivered to the State Grid. Such a big fellow does not know if he can finish the route from Kunming to Changsha in a day.

In fact, there are two indoor pavilions. Most of the national teams are gathered in the One Pavilion.

The Inside Scene of One Pavilion

The aerodynamic power that undertakes the heart components of helicopters in our country is also in a prominent position. This time it brought AES100 and WZ-16 products (models).

Although its a model, its not as exquisite as the real one. Looking at the engine, people have to admire the indomitable learning spirit of Zhuzhou people for decades.

Aes100 turboshaft engine

A rotorcraft was placed at the entrance of the Second Pavilion.

Rotor planes have just taken off in the National Day parade, so many viewers are familiar with them. It has simple structure and high safety. As long as the basic speed can be maintained, it will not fall dead. Therefore, after nearly a century, we have rejuvenated our youth.


Different from the one museum, the two museums are mostly private enterprises. It is difficult for private enterprises to build manned aircraft, but UAVs are good at it. Here we focus on more than 20 UAV manufacturers, and the famous Dajiang is also here.

Some manufacturers look small, but the products look practical - who knows if theres another future frontier?

A Practical Agricultural UAV

The air show is not a concert, so we cant just watch the excitement. An airplane needs tens of thousands of parts, and tens of thousands of tools and testing equipment may be needed in the development process of tens of thousands of parts.

Therefore, the aviation industry not only drives the engine and avionics, but also extends to various industries such as sensors, computers, communications, materials, even power supply and lighting.

People in these industries can communicate with each other closely, which is also an industry feast.

Outlook of the Second Pavilion

Therefore, there are many people in the Second Pavilion, including the grass-roots personnel of China Aviation Industry. We have been communicating with the staff of the exhibition booths in the Second Pavilion.

So maybe these seemingly insignificant conversations are the most valuable places for Helicopter Fair than the flight performances you like better.

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Aviation Special Paper: Lin Zhiheng_NY9285