Nepalese Prime Minister Ollie: President Xis historic visit will raise Nepal-China relations to a new height

 Nepalese Prime Minister Ollie: President Xis historic visit will raise Nepal-China relations to a new height

CCTV news: Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to have a state visit to Nepal. On the 11 day, Nepal Prime Minister Ollie said in an interview with CCTV reporter in Kathmandu that he was looking forward to President Xi Jinpings visit to Nepal. The historic visit of President Xi will elevate the relations between the two countries to a new height.

Looking forward to the talks and the signing of multi-field cooperation agreements

Ollie, Prime Minister of Nepal, said that the visit was the first visit by President Xi Jinping to Chongqing after the 70th anniversary founding of Peoples Republic of China, and that the president of China also visited Nepal after 23 years. He looked forward to holding talks with President Xi Jinping and witnessing the signing of a multidisciplinary cooperation agreement to inject new momentum into practical cooperation between the two countries.

Highly appreciate the one belt and one road initiative

Speaking of the cooperation between Nigeria and China, Xi Jinping said he highly appreciated the one belt and one way initiative proposed by President and the idea of building a community of human destiny.

Nepalese Prime Minister Ollie: Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the CPC, leads China with new impetus, new vision and new ideas. Through the One Belt, One Road initiative and other bilateral cooperation, we have benefited a lot.

Media cooperation between China and Nepal will deepen friendship between the two peoples

In recent years, China and Nepal have witnessed close folk contacts and deepened friendship between the two countries. The cooperation between CCTV and local media is becoming more and more frequent. Recently, the Nepali-language version of the video series Pinghuanjinren - Xi Jinpings Favorite Allusion, produced by CCTV, has been launched simultaneously on media platforms such as Redboard, Reform Vision and Kathmandu Metropolitan FM, in addition to being broadcast on Nepalese National Television.