Friendship across the Himalayas! Chairman Xis first visit to Nepal today

 Friendship across the Himalayas! Chairman Xis first visit to Nepal today

This is my first visit to Nepal, but Nepal is no stranger to me. Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote in his signature article in Nepal media.

In October 11th, the front page of 3 newspapers in Nepal published the signature article of President Xi Jinping, entitled pushing the friendship across Himalaya to a new height. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingwei

On the 12 day, Xi Jinping will arrive in Kathmandu for a state visit to Nepal. This is the first time he has visited this friendly neighbour. It is also the second time that the Chinese President has visited this high mountain country after 23 years. The visit coincided with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the celebration of Nepals biggest festival, Desai Festival, which added a warm atmosphere to the visit.

On the main roads of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, slogans such as Warmly welcome our distinguished Chinese guests, Towering Mount Everest and lasting friendship between China and Nepal have been hung up. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingwei

This Anigo is more than a legend.

Not unfamiliar comes from Sino-Nepalese friendship between mountains and rivers for generations.

Mountainous, historic sites and festivals are three characteristics that Nepal is fond of talking about. Desai Festival is the biggest festival in Nepal. Similar to the Chinese Spring Festival custom, Nepalese people also have family reunion and visit relatives and friends during the festival. The red Tika on the forehead is a blessing from the elders. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingwei

In his signature article, President Xi specifically mentioned many historical figures who contributed to Sino-Nepalese exchanges. Their influence has continued to this day: ancient Chinese monks Faxian, Nepalese monks Buddha Batura visited each others countries, Xuanzang visited Lanpini, the birthplace of Sakyamuni, and now the Chinese temple built in Lanpini has become a symbol of religious and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Nepalese ruler princess, who married the Tubo Zai Pu Frontier Road at Song Xan Gan Bbu, has now become an international highway port in the one belt and one road construction. Anigo, a famous Nepalese craftsman who came to China in the Yuan Dynasty, has become a synonym of Sino-Nepalese friendship.

The statue of Anigo is located in his native city of Patan. The designer refers to the bronze statue of Anigo in Miaoying Temple, Beijing. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Wenzhan

Let the wind chimes in Kathmandu ring again

No strangers comes from the brotherhood of the two countries.

After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China, the Nepalese government and people made donations enthusiastically. After Nepals earthquake in 2015, China has been a true friend of Nepalese people for the first time in helping them rebuild after the disaster.

Nepals cultural relics and historic sites were severely damaged in the earthquake, and Kathmandu, a city of temples and many historic sites, was the first to suffer. Xinhua News Agency reporter Qi Xing

As an important part of the world cultural heritage, the nine-storey temple in Duba Square, Kathmandu, is one of the key projects of the Chinese government for post-disaster reconstruction in Nepal. The cultural relics maintenance experts of the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage, Nepalese woodworkers who master traditional woodcarving techniques, and Zhejiang University team who retain digital archives are working hand in hand to revive history.

Zhou Jianguo, a Chinese cultural relic doctor, said that the nine story Temple treated with Chinese experience is also helping Nepals historical and cultural heritage. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jingwei

From time to time under the eaves, the pleasant wind bell sounds are interwoven with the jingling sound of Nepalese craftsmen, which is particularly harmonious. Craftsman Saku told reporters with a smile that over the past two years, the cultural relics repair team from China has brought great changes to this place, and he likes these Chinese friends.

Duba Middle School, which has a history of 166 years, was also badly hit by the earthquake. With the assistance of the Chinese side, the new teaching building has sprung up on its original site. Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Hao

Thank you for the hard work of the Chinese team day and night, not only to restore the original appearance of the building, but also to modernize and upgrade the interior. Helm Chandra Mahato, the principal of Duba Middle School, a Chinese aid project, said that China is an important neighbor. Nepalese and Chinese people-to-people exchanges are increasing. The school also plans to offer Chinese interest courses. We sincerely welcome President Xis visit and hope that the friendship between China and Nepal will last forever.

Nepalese people, we Chinese understand this goal very well!

Overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. Photographer Jiang Guopeng, Xinhua News Agency

Nepal Prime Minister Olivia, 11, told Xinhua and other Chinese media on a joint interview that President Xi Jinpings historic visit will raise the relationship between China and Nigeria to a new height.

The Nepalese language version of Xi Jinpings governing the country is translated by the Nepalese China Research Center, which is highly valued and welcomed here. Chairman Martin Regmi told reporters that the vision of prospering Nepal, happy Nepalese is in line with the goal China is pursuing. He looks forward to President Xis visit to promote bilateral exchanges of experience and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Himalayas have become a strong link between China and Nepal. The Nigerian side is actively participating in the construction of one belt and one road. The two sides are building and upgrading infrastructure including highways, ports, airports, power stations, and so on. A China Unicom network spanning Himalaya is beginning to take shape. It will not only facilitate the two countries, but will also benefit the region. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lai Xiangdong

We Nepalese have been looking forward to President Xis visit for a long time, said the renowned Nepalese scholar Jubalaj Sangroula. We hope that President Xis visit will open a new chapter in the history of Nepal-China relations.

Yubaraj told reporters that he had read the 4 time Xi Jinping talked about governing the country. He deeply felt that Chinas development experience and experience in governing the country are of great significance to the development of Nepal today. He recommended the book to many local officials and suggested that they read it more than twice. He also spoke highly of Chinas one belt and one road initiative in his personal works. Xinhua News Agency reporter Mao Pengfei

We like Chinese rice so much that our output has increased and our income has gone up. Local farmer Rivan Shresta said.