Financial Observation: Made in China Helps Nepals Development

 Financial Observation: Made in China Helps Nepals Development

According to Shresta, Made in China sells well mainly because of its reliable quality and high cost performance. In addition, the product line of Chinese products is rich, which can provide consumers with diversified choices.

Another important reason is that in recent years, Nepals power supply, communication network and other infrastructure construction has made considerable progress. Greys sales have increased dramatically in recent years thanks in part to the more stable power supply in Nepal today, Shresta said. In the past, Nepal had a serious shortage of electricity and people naturally did not buy air conditioning.

Made in China has played an important role in Nepals infrastructure construction. Kul Man Gissin Tamang, general manager of Nepal Electric Power Bureau, told Xinhua that China has maintained a leading position in the worlds hydropower sector and has carried out numerous cooperative projects in Nepal, bringing funds, equipment and technology to Nepal, which has greatly helped the development of Nepals related undertakings.

Many experts believe that compared with Chinese products, Chinese technology will play a more important role in promoting Nepals development. I think Chinese technology helps us realize our vision ofprospering Nepal and happy Nepalese, said Ashok Kumar Shresta, senior vice president of Nepals Trans-Himalayan Chamber of Commerce.

In October 2018, five BYD electric buses made in China were officially delivered to Nepal, marking the first fleet of electric buses in Nepal. In the same month, Nepal Airlines first used China Transport 12E on the Kathmandu-Lukara route, which resumed after two years of interruption. Now, China-Nepal cooperation in cement production has changed Nepals annual consumption of large quantities of foreign exchange imported water. The history of mud...

Nepalese telecommunications operators use Chinese technology and equipment, and Nepalese buildings use cement produced by Chinese investment factories in Nepal, said Jubaraj Sanlula, a renowned Nepalese scholar. Chinese technology in agriculture, communications, clean energy, infrastructure construction and other fields will help Nepal achieve faster development.