President Xi Jinpings visit will raise the relations between Nigeria and China to a new height -- an interview with Prime Minister Nepal

 President Xi Jinpings visit will raise the relations between Nigeria and China to a new height -- an interview with Prime Minister Nepal

On the eve of a state visit to Nepal by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Nepal Prime Minister Ollie said in a joint interview with Xinhua news agency and other Chinese media at the official residence of the prime minister in Kathmandu, 11, that the historic visit of President Xi Jinping will raise the relationship between Nepal and China to a new height.

Nepal is a friendly neighbor of China, which is linked by mountains and rivers. Talking about the friendship between the two countries, Oli said that the traditional friendship between Nepal and China has a long history and the people of the two countries have been friendly for generations. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1955, the friendly relations between Nepal and China have been continuously strengthened and developed in depth. Nepal and China are not only good neighbors, but also good friends and brothers.

Friendship is the most important and precious thing. There is no doubt that Nepal-China relations are very friendly and trust each other, Ollie said.

Ollie said: President Xi Jinpings visit to Nepal is historic and very important. He said that Chinas Presidents visit to Nepal again after 23 years will raise the friendly relations between the two countries to a new height and bring new opportunities for bilateral political, economic, social and cultural cooperation.

He also stressed that the visit by President Xi Jinping will not only contribute to peace and stability in South Asia, but also promote good neighborliness, mutual understanding and economic development in Asia as a whole.

On October 11, Nepalese Prime Minister Oli gave a joint interview with Chinese media such as Xinhua News Agency at the Prime Ministers residence in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Keren

Ollie highly appraised the achievements made in Chinas national construction and economic and social development. He said that Chinas economic development is very rapid and has become the second largest economy in the world. In particular, Chinas great achievements in eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity and development are worthy of learning for the world. Ollie said that Chinas status has been constantly upgraded and that Chinas development in all fields is also an important force in safeguarding world peace, fairness and justice.

Speaking of Nims one belt and one way cooperation and the construction of cross Himalaya interconnected network, oli said Nepal benefited a lot from the one way cooperation and other bilateral cooperation projects. Nepal and China are committed to improving the level of interconnection in highways, railways and aviation, and hope to open up new areas of interconnection and construction cooperation in the future.

Ollie expressed his gratitude to China for its assistance to the development of Nepal in various fields. China has helped us in such a difficult time as the great Nepalese earthquake in 2015, and in many ways after the earthquake. On behalf of the Government and people of Nepal, I would like to express my gratitude to China for this.