I participated in a public welfare event and found that doing good is also an ability.

 I participated in a public welfare event and found that doing good is also an ability.

Generally speaking, we still lack some control over details in the organization of this activity, such as the long time interval between morning gathering time and departure time, and the delay in purchasing goods and moving them back and forth. These problems can be solved through communication. Then there is the lack of binding force on those who do not sign up.

They all say that irregularities do not make a square. For example, I have a volunteers passport. Every time I attend an event, the organizer of the event will stamp the passport to indicate the specific position and responsibilities of the volunteer. Slowly accumulate, enhance the sense of honor. The more times, the more rewards. In order to enhance the enthusiasm of volunteers to participate. For those who fail to report and fail to come, more than three times, there will be no more opportunities. Passport volunteers are preferred for future activities. And the association has an obligation to write letters of recommendation for these excellent volunteers. As enterprise reserve talent pool.

I remember our mentor once said: to do public welfare activities is to give and share happiness unconditionally. If people who give can not feel happiness, then the activity itself is a failure, and volunteers are human beings.

Secondly, no matter how small the activity is, it will be perfect without great details. For example, the person who provides the vehicle will pay more than others. As an organizer, he should consider for them. Even a small detail is enough to make the devotee warm and willing to pay. For example, you can optimize the route, from Xinghuo Road to Shuishi, turn around the city road, there is no traffic light to Taiyi Road in the first tunnel, then turn right and go straight up the expressway to Qujiang toll station, which saves time and is very good to walk. If the organizer can assign a nominal tool body to take charge of route planning and communicate with the owner, I believe the results will be totally different.

A team must have a detailed division of labor, a public welfare activity must be divided into several groups, responsible for specific matters, such as, brand group responsible for photography, video, copywriting publicity. Traffic group is responsible for route planning, organization and dispatch of vehicles. Material team is responsible for material coordination and replenishment. The field commander is also responsible for coordinating the work of the teams. When the contingent grows, it will extend to outreach group, logistic support group, emergency team and so on.

Of course, there is no sense of blame here. Its purely heartfelt advice. I gave up my job and devoted myself to public welfare. I spent more than two years as a volunteer. During this period, I participated in countless activities and met many friends all over the country. I am serious about public welfare.

Lets talk about two cases of public welfare activities that I personally participated in.

The biggest event I have ever participated in is the 7,000 peoples public welfare venue in Xian City Sports Park. There are 900 volunteers in the volunteer team alone. I am in charge of 200 people in the catering group. During the meeting, we were not allowed to leave, and the meal time was only 30 minutes, while we ordered 7,000 boxed meals from breakfast at ease. It took only 15 minutes to deliver all the boxed meals. In order to eat, our team surrounded the city sports park venue three days in advance, discussed and studied the plan, and even tested the delivery time of lunch boxes at each point, so that 7000 people could eat at the same time, the east, west, north and South delivery car parking location, each point specific person in charge, transmission speed has accurate to second calculation. This is a test of the organizers precise control of the team. Its the details that determine success or failure.

Secondly, the activities of 5000 people in Taihu National Convention Center, 400 volunteer teams, 30 people in the traffic group and 60 buses in the dispatch task, in addition to the airport railway station pick-up task, every morning to transport 5000 people from various hotels around Taihu to the venue, in the evening to take back. Thirty people face 5000 people, and their complexity is absolutely a hard battle. We are in touch with the precise list and contact information given by the reception team, as well as the hotel distribution map of the participants provided by the hostel group. Of course, our team performed its functions well without complaints and deviations from one of the participants. This is the result of teamwork, coordination and individual responsibility.

Saying these is just to illustrate a problem, intentions!

Finally, I want to say that doing good is a kind of ability.

The two sides spoke in close touch and talked happily. Therefore, Mr. Li Ka-shing proposed to sponsor the childrens trip to Japan as a return of goodwill and as a support for their pursuit of art. A few days later, a formal press release was issued. Mr. Li Ka-shings final sponsorship plan consisted of three parts:

2. Sponsor an additional 1 million yuan to the dance troupe for the elderly dance projects carried out by the dance troupe;

3. Give each of 45 children 20,000 yen as a gift gold, let them use this money to choose and buy their favorite gifts in Japan.

Lets make a brief analysis. If only the first item is sponsorship, the children will be jealous and excluded when they return to the dance troupe because they get extra benefits. So, with the second item, the other members of the dance troupe will benefit from the children, and their attitudes will be quite different. The ultimate beneficiary of 900,000 travel expenses is the parents of the children, which are abstract concepts for the children, so the third is to ensure that each child can really get a gift.

In the last part of the first item, 100,000 yuan is used to subsidize the trip, and the teachers who lead the team naturally have the right to control it. Everyone was happy.

All altruistic efforts need not only passion, but also heart. Thank you, all of these are my intentions, if there is any verbal offence, I apologize again.

Wash and sleep, good night.