Fifty-six years in advance, this man has broken through the human limit!

 Fifty-six years in advance, this man has broken through the human limit!

On October 12, Vienna, another miracle of humanity was witnessed.


Kenyas Kipjog marathon was finalized at 42.195 kilometers with an average speed of 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

In an interview in August, Kipjog said, Its about history, about legacy. To inspire people. If I run for two hours, it will mean a lot.

Unfortunately, this competition is not officially recognized by IAAF. IAAF believes that the organizers have created favorable conditions for Kipjog, including the venue of the competition and the assistant team of famous players, so this record will not be regarded as a new world record.

Kipjog also knew that running for two hours would not be recognized by the IAAF.


How difficult is it?

Where on earth is the Marathon Break 2 worth celebrating? Why do some people say that its significance is even comparable to landing on the moon?

Because its so hard!

CCTV News uses Bolts analogy. His 100-meter world record is 9.58 seconds. If the score is increased by 0.01 seconds, the 100-meter record will increase by 0.1%.

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By comparing Kipjogs own world record of 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds, he wanted to break 2, and he needed to raise the record by 1.4%, equivalent to running a hundred meters into 9 seconds and 45 seconds.

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So some scientists estimate that according to the rate of progress of human physiological conditions, break 2 will wait until 2075.

Kipjog advanced this time by 56 years.

Many people even think that people who run for two hours will die.

For ordinary people, its hard enough to keep running the next marathon.

Long strenuous exercise means a lot of physical consumption.

When we run a marathon, our bodies and brains dont want to run. Were still moving forward.

In the end, it depends more on will.

Domestic marathon races usually last six hours, with a completion rate of about 60-70%.

Most of the participants came down.

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For Kipjog, the average pace is 2 minutes and 50 seconds, which means about 2 minutes and 50 seconds per kilometer.

Only by running as hard as possible all the way can we break the hope of two hours.

I dont know where the limit is, but Ill keep running towards it.

On that very day, Kipjog did it.


King of Marathon

How to make it

Since 2014, Kipjog has ruled the marathon.

Rotterdam, London, Rio Olympics, Berlin...

Over the years, in countless top marathons and sporting events, Kipjog has repeatedly updated the record of consecutive Marathon Championships and the best record, and is worthy of the king on the track.

However, the cost of going beyond the limits of human body by willpower is beyond imagination.

When Kipjog was 17 years old, he met his enlightenment coach and began to practice running.

In track and field, Kipchak, Becker and so on match up and win each other several times.

Years of hard work have helped him grow up and find his real advantages.

Break the human limit of the marathon to less than two hours.

Kipchaug has always believed that human beings can and always have confidence in breaking the record:

It must be possible, not to run a marathon to break the record, but to run every marathon to break the record.

Many years ago, he made an all-out breakthrough towards this goal.

Kipchoggers goals remain unchanged / National Geographics Breaking Two Challenges Plan

Every morning from Monday to Saturday, before the sun had risen, Kipjog began to take his players along the training camp, and for many years they could not move.

I dont find it strange that training and life are inseparable.

Even though he has made great achievements, he still trains with his team members every day. Only on weekends, he will consider going home to take care of his family.

Well-planned and consistent self-discipline are Kipjogs constant perseverance.

However, in the process of the challenge of breaking two, Kipjog was always a little short of it.

In 2017, a Operation Break 2 was launched in Monza, Italy.

Kipjog was the chosen athlete.

The eyes of the whole world are focused on him, and Kipjog bears the curiosity of human beings about the limits.

The game was broadcast live throughout.

In order to test the physical limit of human beings, we have created the right time, the right place and the right people for athletes. All the external factors affecting athletes have been reduced to the lowest level.

The most suitable weather, the scientifically measured track, 29 experienced middle and long distance runners as the lead, replenishment at any time...

Everything was ready, and eventually, Kipjogs score was set at 2 hours and 25 seconds, still not up to 2 hours.

The First Two-Hour Whole Horse Challenge Trial of Breaking Two Challenges Plan

The result was also not recognized by the IAAF because the race was completed on a plastic track.

Despite the unsuccessful challenge, the human races hope of running two hours has increased.

In 2018, Kipjog broke the dusty world record of 4 years in the Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds, raising the human marathon limit by 77 seconds.

Kipjog has challenged and tried to break through the limits.

But Broken 2 always seems close, far away.

On May 16, 2019, Kipjog abandoned the preparation for the Berlin Marathon and declared that he had entered the 1:59 challenge, focusing on achieving his goals.

Repeat exercise every day from morning to night, and constantly improve your training goals...

As they crossed the finish line, athletes from all over the world came excitedly to embrace Kipjog.


Human History

Kipjog once said:

I believe from the bottom of my heart that there is no limit to human beings.

In my heart, I believe this is a possibility.

In 2018, after running 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds to set a new world record for mens marathon, he set up a break two plan (complete the marathon in two hours).

Staff honesty: as big as training arrangements, physiological state, as small as running shoes design, Kipjog has reached the best state.

They felt that there was no way to help him improve.

Others worry that if a person completes a marathon in two hours, will he hang up?

But now, Kipjog gives the answer: You see, Im still alive.

Training plan, diet, height and leg length of athletes, muscle content... In the face of modern science and technology, almost everything can be accurately measured.

Only the abstract energy of spirit can not be quantified.

With experience and knowledge, people can see what they have understood.

Just because you cant see doesnt mean you cant exist.

In 1896, Thomas Burke of the United States won the first 100-meter championship in Olympic history with a result of 11.8 seconds.

Sixteen years later, at the Stockholm Olympics, Donald Ripinkott opened the era of 10 seconds in the 100-meter race with 10 seconds and 6 seconds.

Today, Bolt uses 9 seconds 72, 9 seconds 69, and 9 seconds 58 to refresh peoples cognition time after time.

In the documentary Perspective of the Limits of the Human Body, a mountaineer was accidentally pressed on by a stone plate of more than half a ton.

Life and death are at stake. Suddenly, he burst out with divine power and pushed away the boulder to save himself successfully.

This weight is about 1.5 times the world record for supine push.

Normally, he couldnt even push the boulder.

Continuous transcendence and breakthroughs are not for conquering anything, but for enjoying the pleasure of challenges and embracing the novelty of the unknown.

Where is the limit of human beings?

In the face of nature, human beings are small and great.

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