We, walking along, broke up.

 We, walking along, broke up.

Ah Wen said that too many breakups are just on the spur of the moment and blurt out without careful consideration.

It may be that after the quarrel, it has not calmed down, or it may be a minor contradiction that has not been solved for a long time. Suddenly, the more I think about it, the more I get angry.

I havent thought about it yet, so I will break up and say it.

It hurts to hear about the breakup.

It hurts to break up.

In fact, you do not expect to break up, but the momentary impulse failed to restrain, until that sentence was uttered, began to regret.

But your regret, or his grievance, can not be realized by the other side.

The only way to say goodbye is to bring about a real injury.

That day, my girlfriend didnt think that Arvin would propose the breakup.

Ah Wen did not expect, girlfriend, really will promise.

Until then, their feelings had been noisy and not very calm.

Arvin always tells us that there are some minor contradictions between couples.

In fact, these contradictions have nothing to do with who is right or wrong. It is important to understand each other.

He is willing to understand his girlfriend, thinking of more tolerance, but also in exchange for his girlfriends understanding.

Sometimes, emotions cant be controlled, and he cant always be the mediator of contradictions.

That quarrel, the two emotions are accumulating higher and higher, until Arvin said that sentence, it is better for us to break up.

In fact, Ah Wen is not really, want to break up.

At that time, he was under great pressure and could not reconcile contradictions as before.

He offered to break up, but carefully added a sentence not so good to the front.

All he wanted was the tolerance and compromise of his girlfriend.

For her girlfriend, the first time she heard Arvin say goodbye, she could not believe it.

Why did he break up with himself?

Is it a temporary annoyance, or has it been carefully considered for a long time?

She couldnt guess.

That reserve, because she was a little worried, maybe this time to make concessions, will later, have to bow his head.

Moreover, her girlfriend was somewhat disappointed.

I thought Arvin would always be tolerant of himself. This tolerance comes from love, but I didnt realize that the other party just gave in, and finally there is a limit to that.

So in the end, she responded angrily. Okay, lets break up.

Arvin and his girlfriend finally separated from each other.

They all know what the other person wants, and if they say that, they will be back together.

A relationship ended in such a mess.

Sometimes breaking up is a clear goal.

Recognizing that each other is not suitable, can not see a satisfactory future, so it is better to separate.

More often, however, breaking up may be the last means of communication.

A little temptation and a little intimidation.

If you still care about this relationship and are afraid of losing me, you will be panicked at this sentence.

What I want is your retention, but I didnt expect that you would not bow your head.

The word break-up is too heavy to be said easily.

Afterwards, Arvin said, there was no difference between the quarrel and the previous one.

But because of a breakup, everything is different.

But what has been said, even if regretted in every way, is no longer difficult to retrieve.