The man who keeps his house as a hotel has only one end in the end.

 The man who keeps his house as a hotel has only one end in the end.

My grandson and granddaughter-in-law are busy with work and often go on business, but they will remember to order takeout for him every noon, with vegetables, meat and fruit after dinner.

And they will also be very considerate to note takeout:

Please give it to Grandpa, who is 90 years old, and then tear up the list so that the old people wont be distressed by the money. Thank you.

Sometimes the takeaway boy forgot to tear the list, and Grandpa saw it, eating and wiping tears.

When asked, he cried and said, When my grandson was a child, I didnt take him with me. He was so kind to me. I cant bear it.

Grandpa was very guilty and wronged.

If he could go back twenty or thirty years, he would hold more children.

A colleague of mine, over thirty years old, is still unmarried.

Father cares about her very much and often urges her.

Once in a hurry, a colleague suddenly got angry:

Why am I getting married? In order to find a man, do not do housework, regardless of children, the family as a hotel, treat me as a free nanny?

She is not someone else, but her father, a living unmarried, sterile and safe billboard, has been walking in their home for more than 30 years.

When colleagues were very young, they always wondered what kind of existence father and husband were.

Her father often sat on the sofa and did nothing when he returned home for days.

Occasionally, when she pushed forward, he would be impatient, disgusted with her talk, and shouted to his mother, Can you come and hold the baby in a hurry? Every day I make money outside, and Im tired to death!

He did not attend her parentsmeeting, sports meeting and missed almost every birthday.

She no longer talks much. She calls her father occasionally and just says, Wheres my mother?

But my father is old.

Father began to care about her daughters life-long affairs, wanted to hear her talk about young peoples new things, want to know whether she was in love, when to get married.

His daughter did not want to communicate with him or marry him at all.


What happened to those fathers who were absent from their childhood?

Aunt went to help take grandson, son filial piety, daughter-in-law also filial piety, every time back, there are several more clothes.

My uncle had a different life.

He also wanted to stay at his sons house, but he had no experience in taking care of the children. He went there for several days and was clumsy.

The bottle is either too cold or too hot.

Give the child a runny nose, a large piece of toilet paper rushed over, the child wow crying.

More importantly, because of his long absence, his son and his daughter-in-law can not kiss him.

So in his sons house, he had to sit on the sofa every day, rather than go home.

He cant cook, clean his house, or even pay for water, electricity and gas.

Soon there was no electricity at home. He went to his neighbors house and charged his cell phone. The first thing he did was to call his wife, When will you come back?

On the other end of the phone, its Sun Tzu Mengmengs little Milky voice, a happy family.

The uncle finally couldnt help crying. He regretted that he had done enough to shake hands when he was young. He didnt even know how the children grew up.

Some things, missed, the original is really missed, it is difficult to make up for the opportunity.

When you use your family as a hotel, the family can only treat you as a passer-by.


Many people envy Japanese men who do nothing but make money.

Every day when she comes home from work, her wife even brings her slippers to her home, and her service is very considerate.

Even Lin Yutang said, The ideal life of the worlds Great Harmony is to live in the English countryside, where there are American water and gas pipes, a Chinese cook, a Japanese wife and a French lover.

Just like in the animated film Crayon Little New, Japanese men dont need to take part in the family. A virtuous full-time wife like Miyo can cook breakfast, make convenience, clean up housework and take care of children. Its not too pleasant.

But happy Japanese men, after retirement, face a nightmare, so that they all appeal: I want to continue working after retirement.

This is because, after retirement, Japanese men will generally fall into the awkward situation of divorce between husband and wife, father and son against purpose.

Their long absence in the family has long made the relationship between father and child indifferent, and also made Japanese women accustomed to the freedom of a person at home.

After a man retired, many wives could not bear the sudden increase of one person in their family, so they had to ask for divorce.

Moreover, according to the Japanese governments regulations, couples divorce, pensions must be divided equally.

After retirement, Japanese men who have been working all their lives and completely ignore their families will be taken half of their rich pension by their wives and swept out as garbage.

Many abandoned old Japanese men, unable to do housework or care for their children, are often left unattended after their illness, and even commit crimes because of their spiritual emptiness.

Thirty thousand Japanese elderly people are arrested for stealing just for concern every year.

This number is enough to make people astonished.


The company once came to an intern, just 26 years old, but has been the father of two children.

Do not go home from work every day, stay in the office to play games.

Sometimes, when his wife calls, he yells, Didnt I say, Im working overtime!

The lies are so loud that even teammates who play games together feel blushed.

They advised him, Go back early, two children at home.

He was indignant: Ive been working all day and I have to be busy with my children. Cant I take a rest?

When a man is young, he may feel that as long as he earns money to take it home, he will do his duty, so he insists on raising children in RMB.

The RMB itself, in fact, can not afford to raise a child.

Its like when youre old, your child calls you home every month without giving you a call.

When a woman needs you, youre not there.

When she gets used to your absence, what qualifications do you have for longing for the warmth of your family?

When they grow up, what reasons do you have to re-establish intimate relationships?

Wake up, stop using your family as a hotel, your wife as a babysitter, and your children as a stack of RMB.

Every widowed child-rearing result is an old man who cannot return to his family.