What kind of experience is a peaceful breakup?

 What kind of experience is a peaceful breakup?

Surface calm, inner feelings only the parties themselves know.

-- @Exxx

That is, meeting again may embrace the experience that may revive old feelings, and then want to contact each other every day, but can not give each other anything but want to retain each other, what kind of mentality, perhaps because of a peaceful breakup so you can still be friends.

[email protected] Seven or eight stars

The past is always beautiful, so lets stay in the past. Carefully and wishing each other well, who knows whether they are positive or crying after leaving?

[email protected] Later generations.

The last period was a peaceful breakup. In fact, they were separated. They went to dinner together without warning and went for a ride after eating. I didnt expect my father would disagree with me when the car came. Otherwise, I would forget it. After the car arrived, he said that he loved freedom more. He was too busy. I liked him more than he liked me. I can only promise. What else can I do? After all, it was my confession, but it was too sudden, or because I didnt like it enough. At that time, it was still very uncomfortable, and I felt that this was the breakup time I had never thought of, uncomfortable. Now for more than a month, I cant help but mention him. Its too hard.

[email protected] Anonymity

Maybe its the same kind of feeling relieved without reluctance and sadness.

[email protected] A sad cow

One person, one cell phone, across the screen, to say what you want to say, there are grievances, there are not understand and love. But some people just cant get to the end. They can only hold their mobile phones and break their hearts.

[email protected] Star River Drifting.

Surface peace, the heart of the storm, really loved a peaceful breakup is unwilling, but will not tear *.

[email protected] Junjun Luna

Lets break up.

Have you thought about it? Well, there are no redundant words, nor all the words of detention. In the end, I dont know whether he really loved me or not.

[email protected] cherry

If I had the chance, I would still block the bullet for you, but I would never have the chance to buy breakfast for you again.

[email protected] December

The feeling of a big stone landing in my heart releases all emotions and pressures.

[email protected] Jiko Sanshui.

[email protected] Anonymity

I know I have nothing to do with this person anymore. Not a friend, not an enemy. I met him in the crowded sea, and now I will return him to the crowded sea.

[email protected] Huizi

Peaceful breakup is really quiet, silent breakup, just two days ago, peaceful break up, there are memories, sad, but the whole person is very quiet, there is no intense behavior but the heart surging fiercely, five years of time is really not as relaxed as it shows.

No attempt to break up peacefully, try to pretend to break up peacefully.

[email protected] Hin Dzai

Every one is well, no longer disturb.

[email protected] Wang Dahua

Uncle said: the original love is true, now not love is true, perhaps peaceful breakup is the greatest respect in the past, good gathering and good dispersal, not to lose a love. Next issue: In the eyes of boys, which behaviors of girls are seductive?

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