Groups of friends can be seen as places for adults to heal their wounds.

 Groups of friends can be seen as places for adults to heal their wounds.

Its the taste of crispy candy that my parents had eaten in my memory.

Its a 17-year-old break. You can see that the next class likes girlsbreak.

It was the first salary that was paid. Finally, I ordered a dress that I had loved for a long time.

Looking in the mirror, I found a few more gray hairs. Looking back, I saw my parents still sitting in front of the TV and bickering.

This is a variety show where the hosts and guests ask and answer questions.

And this last part is called the happiness I remember.

The joy that comes back from lost memories is special and rare.

Todays letter is addressed to 24-year-old Du Du.

When I was a child, I was satisfied with collecting a marble and a card.

And now what to play for a long time, will become dull.

When I was a child, I hated a person and wanted to be with people close to me all the time.

Now I like it better. Ive been alone.

Why is it that the older we grow, the harder it is for us to have inner happiness?

We must all have experienced this:

When a food tastes better, it always feels inferior when you go back to it.

Get used to sleeping in a soft bed, and then go back to a hard bed on a business trip will always feel a little inappropriate.

Once loved well by a person, people who are not as good as him can always recognize at a glance.

What kind of person to be and how to live;

What kind of environment and salary range are you working in?

What kind of love to talk about, with what kind of people;

Life has more and more concrete standards and requirements, and so does happiness.

One of my readers was in a hurry for some time.

The project is not going smoothly. In order to relax the mind, I went to the gym.

Put a card on time and control the fitness meal proportionally.

The first thing in the morning is to stand on the weight scale. As a result, there is no change in weight.

Send a circle of friends with a sad expression, and set up a group visible;

A few minutes passed with few compliments, only Mom left a sentence:

She retired from her circle of friends and was depressed for the next few days.

When she was most depressed, some friends recommended several books to her to improve her mood.

As a result, she was even more anxious when she had bought and read all the books.

Because of every symptom in the book, she was seated in the right number.

The next few days were restless, unable to endure the examination.

She told me that she didnt feel lighter until she got the test sheet.

Because finally put it down.

The result of the test was all right. The doctor looked at her and consoled her.

Youre too tight.

I dont know when to start, I have to turn my life into a project. Its always necessary to have a good result to be relieved and happy.

I always think it can be better.

Busy comparison, busy in comparison to constantly upgrade themselves, but finally forgot to downgrade happiness.

There is a plot in Crayon Xiaoxin.

Xiaoxin family went on a trip and met many people who drive luxury cars. The parents of other children are richer than their own.

Even other peoples pet dogs look smarter and more sensible than their own little white.

But he looked around and said happily, That kid is not as handsome as I am! When you are most depressed, take the initiative to help yourself find happiness. Xiaoxin has the open-mindedness that many adults dream of. Li Yinhe once said something: Those who are not happy in life, in the final analysis, is that he does not really want to be happy. in truth.

Similarly, there was a blackout, and some people complained that low power was going to be shut down soon.

Others went downstairs and bought candles, greeting everyone to gather around and rub candles, laughing and eating.

On the same rainy day, some people were angry and annoyed that they had not seen the weather forecast and wet their shoes.

Some people are also staring at the white shoes which are stained with mud and found another world.

In the Truth Index, Cai Kangyong and Jackie Chan had an interview. At that time, Jackie Chan had just made a new film and killed the young man. In the program, Cai Kangyongs polite concern for Jackie Chan: Are you tired of making movies? A simple question, but let the always tough Jackie Chan, in the program tears for 15 minutes. Every time I recall that clip, I think of 16 years of winter. The company name has just started. Every day, it is busy in the house day and night. It has not been back home for half a month. No matter how late the tweets were, there was always a message from a fan in the background.

Go to bed early and pay attention to your health.

Adjust your mood and refuel.

A few short words, every time I finish reading it, I always feel a little relieved.

It wasnt until I came home to help my dad debug his cell phone that I found it was a new Weixin trumpet he had applied for; the dynamics in the circle of friends were all my articles.

Im afraid youre too busy to disturb you, and Im afraid you cant take good care of yourself and support you in your work. He didnt lift his head on the table, and he filled me with soup without haste.

Life needs a sense of ritual, and rewarding oneself with meals is one kind. I had some nasal acid for a while.

Many times, we are really too bad at caring about ourselves. Being busy neglects those things because of the care of your lover, friends and family.

Running around working, eating takeaway snacks, failing to take good care of the picky stomach;

Constantly put pressure on oneself to break through, but get into the tips of the bulls horn; stuck in a bottleneck to block oneself, and do not want to close people to worry about oneself. But in fact, those who really love you have long regarded you as a sweet burden. After reading the article, remember to click Look, we agreed together: when sad, look back at those forgotten happiness. Then shout out the unhappy things.