The 9542 day of being a slag man was finally poisoned by Dinks girlfriend into infertility.

 The 9542 day of being a slag man was finally poisoned by Dinks girlfriend into infertility.

u2014u2014 Dink

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I have a buddy who is a well-known slag man and has no conscience in capitals.

Medium hairstyle, sloppy beard,

Wearing a shirt always shows your chest and a watch always waves.

Its always like this:

Not sleeping in the middle of the night, because the heart is too noisy,

Ask if you are not here, say you are true love.

People like him, it can be said that if the hormone is taken out of his brain, he will become a vegetable immediately.

But you have to admit that he really enjoys it. There will never be a shortage of ignorant girls and empty girls around him.

I asked him where the disaster had come from. He told me that as long as you look and feel with your heart, you will find different channels.

Such a man as him has not been scolded by heaven. He has been fortunate for three lifetimes.

However, a day of beating geese will eventually lead to a day of being pecked blind by geese.

My buddy, some time ago, he was finally punished! ____________

Now his whole body is just as useless, lying in bed and washing his face with tears, and slapping himself in the face at any moment!!!!

All the music played at home is self-composing and blaming me.

This is what happened. At the end of last year, my buddy told me mysteriously that he had found a new way to make an appointment.

Its his paradise.

What did I ask him?

He slapped his thigh and told me excitedly, Just Dink!

I think this kind of thing is too immoral. I advised him once to have dinner. As a result, he was better. What did he say with a mean smile?

Well, Im Dink too, but one day I dont want to break up. Everybodys Dink, no lack of virtue!

Listen to what people say?!

True TM is born with a skeleton.

Soon he began his plan to harm Dink girls.

He didnt know where he met a sister. He had the type of girl he liked, and all the conditions were good.

The standard Dink girl, this guy started, a set of camouflage theory, Dink pretended to be extremely skilled, and in a few days it was hot.

He gave me a flashy chat record.

What a nausea when you see a child.

Such a faceless lie, he said the thieves.

Looking at these words, I even thought that he met his true love and that the prodigal sons heart would be taken back.

As a result, he turned to me and told me that the girl was good, and could be treated like a girl for more than half a year.

In my brothers strong offensive, the two men are so not shy together.

Every day he went home to cook soup and medicated meals for him. He also made lunch to run errands to the company.

Bed-in-the-trough, such a good wife and mother, obedient girl, I think it really pains me to be harmed by this scoundrel man.

If it hadnt been for Dink the girl, I would have picked up the plate after dividing it.

But my buddy, who drinks all the time and does not end up at night, always reveals his nature for a long time to tell the truth.

The girl is more or less alert.

Perhaps also found his half-hearted attitude, he proposed to marry him.

My brother is also a man who has experienced many wars. As a thorn bird in the wind, who can be locked up by a girl?

Sure enough, he made a fool of herself, and the girl was fooled.

Is it good for the world not to carry the pot?

Women in love are silly.

A woman who falls in love with a slag man is more foolish.

The girl comforted her buddies with a few words. They didnt get their marriage certificates. They lived together for half a year, and half had my buddies.

But she never imagined that her buddy had already found a way out and was already looking for a chance to kick her out.

Its so silly that its painful... Alas.

If it goes on, its no surprise: a loving girl disappears and a heartless slag girl appears again.


It was the day my buddy was going to kick her.

It should have been a normal day.

But it has become the shadow of his life!!!!

According to his previous experience, every time he breaks up with such a Dinker girl, the reason is that he is not satisfied with every attempt:

Im afraid Im not strong enough to hurt you in the future. Its better to break up early. I dont want to see you cry at last.

If this kind of words are applied, the opponent will immediately break down his psychological defense line and blame himself.

This time he used this tactic, and as a result...


I made you sterile.



Surprised or not?

No surprise?

The girl also looked innocent and felt that she had helped my brother.

I did a good deed myself.

Who can think of those medicinal meals and those soups, actually TM has taken the medicine.

My brother cried out in horror on the spot and hurried to take me to the hospital for examination. The result was that there was no infertility, but the sperm activity did become low.

It is estimated that it will be more difficult to want to live in the future.

Now hes completely confused. I said if you dont do it falsely, you can do it well in the future.

He cried, saying that he was a three-generation handbook, the family has the throne to inherit, can not be without children.

Brothers still need help.

Now he...

Every day with tears washed face, began to inquire about the adoption of the news, is the so-called often walk on the shore where there are wet shoes..... Once wanted to sleep in the wind for a lifetime of the feet-less birds, unexpectedly landed on the day is not death, but infertility.....

Every day I think about Dinks sister.

Eventually, there will be this day too! ___________

Needless to say, I accompanied my brother to the hospital for examination.

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