3-year-old street beggar, 13-year-old dancer, 22-year-old movie queen, her life is more wonderful than the film

 3-year-old street beggar, 13-year-old dancer, 22-year-old movie queen, her life is more wonderful than the film

As a big sister in Hong Kong film industry, Hui Yinghong has witnessed decades of Hong Kongs history and experienced the moment of Hong Kongs return. Therefore, she is most qualified to play this role and has done quite well.

When she talked about the return of Hong Kong, she said, No country, no home, so we should all be patriotic.

Perhaps, it is because of the childhood wandering away from the disastrous childhood life that Hui Yinghong has such a strong sense and understanding of the country.

A family travels across the ocean, but suffers from the torment of life.

In the 1950s, Hui Yinghongs father came to live in Hong Kong with his family and children. He also brought a lot of boxes of gold. His family was very rich.

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He could have lived a carefree and comfortable life, but because his father was too bookish, he could not manage his money and lost all his family property.

From home to begging along the street, such a big gap in life stings everyones nerves.

He did not know how to earn money, nor did he take care of his family, nor did he want to put down his self-esteem to beg.

Mother is fathers daughter-in-law, but also a hard-working woman, at home has been working hard and complaining, but also subject to discrimination by her mother-in-law.

Years of injustice and suffering have led to her mothers irascible temper and strange personality, which makes young Hui Yinghong very afraid.

In order to survive, Hui Yinghongs brothers and sisters were all sent away. At that time, Hui Yinghong, who was only three years old, was wandering in the streets and alleys of Wanchai. At first, she begged along the streets for leftovers, and later learned to sell some chewing gum, cigarettes and other groceries to earn money to support her family.

At the age when most people have just learned to talk and walk, Hui Yinghong will bear the heavy burden of family life, which is also her fate that she can not get rid of all her life.

Hui Yinghong said, I have never experienced the joy of childhood. I saw someone playing on the swing and wanted to play. One day, when I had earned enough money in advance, I wanted to play lazily for a while. As a result, my mother found out that I was chasing myself for three blocks. Finally, I was tied up by my father and hung up. My mother beat herself with a rope with water.

When Hui Yinghong said this, she gently rubbed her eyes and tried not to let her tears fall.

Li Jing said sadly, Your life is our ten lives.

In the days of begging and selling along the street, Hui Yinghong persisted for ten years, from a little girl who knew nothing to a beautiful young girl.

Dare to fight and not cry hard to achieve the image of a generation of fighting women

Her life experience in Wanchai has helped Hui Yinghong mature earlier. She has confidence and courage different from her age, and she has been very careful to protect herself.

She went to Hong Kongs prestigious Beautiful Night Club as a dancer and danced in Chinese style for only nine months. Because of her outstanding performance, she represented Hong Kong to Australia and the United States.

Whatever job she does, Hui Yinghong can always do the best.

Director Zhang Che noticed her in this group of dancers.

In 1977, Hui Yinghong took over her first film, Heroes of Archery, in which she played Number Two Munian Ci.

There are many plays in the play, Hui Yinghong Leng is relying on his spirit of playing hard and not afraid of pain, persevering in one move and one way, and finally shining brilliantly.

Later, Hui Yinghong continued to make a lot of movies and TV plays. She used her scars to get the chance of starring, and also created a glorious era of Hong Kong martial arts films.

In 1981, Hui Yinghong acted as the leading lady in Liu Jialiangs Elders and won the first Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress. That year, she was only 21 years old and became the star of Shaws film industry.

But Hui Yinghong was not happy. She was still worrying about her familys livelihood. She looked at the trophy quietly and wondered if she could eat it. I wish I could change money.

Hui Yinghong never dared to rest because of her familys difficulties. She started shooting every day. Then she returned home black and blue every day. She dared not tell her family even if she suffered many injuries.

Hui Yinghong had an action scene when she was filming Babaoqi Soldier. She had to jump off the 16th floor, but she had only a small steel wire to pull, and the ground was unprotected.

The stand-in actor, a boy, went up to the 16th floor, looked down and gave a speech immediately.

When everyone was at a loss, Hui Yinghong stood on the 16th floor and said to the martial arts instructor:

Leave me alone and kick me down.

Because it is an old house, ladder-shaped, there are many clothes drying poles, when landing, Huiying red pain to no avail, the entire back scratches, blood flow.

What a cruel woman she is to herself! When everyone was afraid to refuse, she said, Im coming.

Womens determination, mens fearlessness, in her body reflects incisively and vividly.

Hui Yinghong later said, I cant help it. I dont want to shoot. I want to shoot something else, but nobody comes to me. Everyone in my family depends on me. I have to stick to it.

In fact, whether it is a star or an ordinary person, there is no easy word in everyones life.

In life and work, Hui Yinghong has always been a family member, taking care of her family, playing with her life and filming.

On the set, many people also see her as a boy, so strong character is not a girl can afford.

She never shows weakness in front of others. No matter how difficult she meets, she laughs and says, Okay, no problem.

This kind of boys general temperament makes her way to love quite bumpy.

When she was young, Hui Yinghong had a crush on a boy who worked behind the scenes. He was very talented and handsome.

When Hui Yinghong was by his side, she would be very young girls, coquettish, wearing beautiful lipstick and so on, which attracted his attention.

But Hui Yinghong dared not express her love voluntarily. She just hid the appreciation in her heart and secretly loved it for a long time. Finally, she could only regretfully miss it.

Hui Yinghong has her own pride and self-confidence. Looking at her hard-fought career and achievements, many men are discouraged.

Until I met an outsider, he was the son of a big family. They had been dating for more than half a year, and their feelings were stable.

The boyfriend felt that this kind of photograph was very harmful to dignity and dignity. He euphemistically expressed that he did not want to take his girlfriend to dinner with his friends.

Hui Yinghong felt that she had not been respected, so she took the initiative to call him and said, Lets break up. If you dislike me like this, how can we get together in the future?

I took such a group of portraits, and there is no dew point. I just want to show my little womans side and tell others that I can not only fight, but also be very sweet. Just want others to see their own beauty, leaving the memory of youth.

Although there have been several unsatisfactory love, Hui Yinghong is still full of desire for marriage. He should be a responsible, independent and gentle person. She smiled and described the other half of her heart.

Life is full of twists and turns, reaching the peak of career at the age of fifty

Hui Yinghong created her own world with bare steel and iron.

She is the No. 1 woman in action movies, and no one can compete with her.

However, with the transformation and development of Hong Kongs film market, literary and artistic love movies are popular in the market, and action movies are declining in an instant.

Even many women who do not meet their identity, such as No. 3 and No. 4, Hui Yinghong can not stand such a gap and refused to look at it.

Her inner pride and happiness gradually faded with the popularity of the film and television industry.

Hui Yinghong began to try to do business. She opened a beauty salon. Every day, like a waiter, Hui Yinghong was dealing with all kinds of customers. She nodded, hunched and smiled at each other.

It was even more painful for her. The woman who never bowed down for life really could not learn this.

During this period of low tide, she suffered from depression. At the most serious time, she did not leave her bedroom for more than a month and did not see any improvement after seeing a doctor.

Later, she took a lot of sleeping pills, thinking about the rest of her life. Fortunately, her sister and mother found out in time and let her recover a life.

After the choice of life and death, Hui Yinghong grew up a lot.

She lowered her profile, contacted her familiar director actively, hoping to get a chance to shoot. She regarded herself as a new person, regardless of roles, scripts, and devoted herself to her beloved career.

There is always a reward for giving.

In 2009, she won the 29th Hong Kong Golden Award for Best Actress again for her possessive mother role in the movie The Devil of the Heart, 28 years after she won the first Golden Award for Best Actress.

Hui Yinghong once again stood in the middle of the stage.

Ive tried to give up myself for four years, and Im not embarrassed. Ive even tried to give up my life. Because I really dont know what Im going to be like, but Im confident now. I know that I belong to movies and acting. Even if its one or two days, as long as I have good roles, I will try my best. I wont let you down.

In 2013, Hui Yinghong won the 1st Golden Zither Award for Best Supporting Actress for her Malaysian film Marriage.

In 2017, she won the Best Actress Award of the 36th Hong Kong Film Award for Lucky Me again.

In March 2018, he won the 12th Asian Film Award, the Asian Film Award for Excellence.

In April 2019, Trish won the 38th Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Hui Yinghong really did it. Now she is only sixty years old. She can still stand in the center of Hong Kong movies, which has to be said to be a legend.

Life gave her a bad hand, but she became Wang Bo.

As she said, If life has not suffered, you really dont know what sweet is like, as long as you are willing to do it, as long as you do it with conscience, you can certainly get results.

Some people summed up Hui Yinghongs life: she experienced the prosperity and decline of Hong Kong swordsman movies, but also with the ups and downs, fortunately, she was not eventually washed out by the waves. In the colourful age of falling Ying, a tree still blossoms.

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