May you sail through thousands of sails and never touch the dust of the years

 May you sail through thousands of sails and never touch the dust of the years

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Years are in a hurry, we go through both storms and storms, deducing the joys and sorrows of meeting and leaving, walking in a hurry between ups and downs, unable to retain time, unable to grasp youth, many things have not been carefully seen, so we turn away.

Just to mature, but also to grow old, we always think that the future is long, but the world is changeable, time, really useless.

Days are getting shorter and shorter, time is getting thinner and thinner, from the beginning to the end, there is happiness, loneliness, each section of the road has each section of understanding, the fastest time to go is always a good time, worth recalling is always the most urgent scenery to go.

On the way, people move with the scenery. If possible, who doesnt want to put aside the disturbance of the world and stick to love once according to his heart? Who doesnt want to live a vigorous life for himself after a thousand sails.

Always think that the memory, there must be echoes, always think that the road ahead is long, there is a lot of time to waste, when the early morning sunshine through the window, through the memory, landed in those long-distance time, only to find that the past days are long, already thousands of mountains and rivers apart.

How many prosperous has become old, how many years to change, time like an old object, sewing and mending, but how can not bear to abandon, those distant time, ah, has hidden our dreams, placed our youth, enrich our memories.

Bi Shumin said: When we were young, we didnt understand anything. When we understand, we cant be young anymore.

Everyone will have a difficult road, need to walk alone, as long as the heart, how far can go, through all the setbacks and tribulations, you will find that they are far stronger than imagination.

In the long river of time flickering, there is doomed to bright sadness. Choose a time period of your own, make yourself a pot of quiet tea, smile in the fragrance of tea, and warm up in the memory.

Those dribs and drabs come and go are the splendor of the years. Fortunately, we have never failed the time, nor have we failed ourselves.

Who said that waiting is the first old life, this life is doomed to never come back, it is better to calmly accept, get or lose, all as a necessity, quietly guard the inner landscape, laugh at the changing seasons, cold and warm human feelings, as a necessity.

Maturity is not about getting old, but becoming more calm. For time, we are just a tiny dust, obeying the call of our heart, living conscientiously, so that we can see joy every day.

In the world of life, like travelers, time will tell us that simple love, the longest; ordinary company, the most secure; people who understand you, the warmest.

Thank those who have been holding hands together, walking a warm road together, cherishing the people who have been around, in the twilight of the morning, planting flowers, planting trees, planting joy, ways and years, leaving love.

Time is more like a thread-bound book. No matter how many years it has gone through, the handwriting in the book has yellowed, but it still touches us. I hope all the travelers can see the most beautiful scenery. I hope you will come back without staining the dust of the years.

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