When will the poems return to be idle?

 When will the poems return to be idle?

Silk-Washing Stream

December 24, Yuanfeng 7

Tour Nanshan from Uncle Liu Qian of Sizhou

The drizzle and the inclined wind make the dawn cold.

Light smoke and sparse willow beautiful beach.

Entering Huaihe River and Qingluo River gradually prolonged.

Snow foam and milk float at noon.

The taste of the world is Qinghuan.

Its drizzling and windy, and its slightly cold. Light smoke and sparse willows make the beach more charming after sunshine. Clear Luojian merges into the Huaihe River. The water is vast and vast. Soak up a cup of white tea with snow foam and milky flowers, and taste the spring vegetable dish of verdant Polygonum sprouts and Artemisia shoots in the mountains. What really tastes in the world is light pleasure.

This word describes Su Shi traveling with his friends in Nanshan. In the suburbs, they use green tea and wild vegetables. Su Shi is very tasty and has a good view of the mountains and green tea. This word, in the vivid animation with clear color and broad realm, embodies the authors clear and elegant aesthetic taste and attitude towards life, giving people the enjoyment of beauty and endless reverie.

Great German Song Winter Scenery

Yuan Guanhanqing

Xue Fenhua, Wu Li Hua,

Goodbye to four or five Yancun families.

Mizakan pictures,

Look at the sparse forest crows.

Huanglu reflects under the Qingjiang River.

Fishing on a slant line.

Snow, pink and white, like pear blossoms flying in the sky, can dimly distinguish the village with four or five families. The drifting of snowflakes in dense layers is worth describing. In the vast white world, the crows in the sparse woods come back late and cry more. A small fishing boat is huddling under the Qingjiang River, which is covered with withered yellow reeds.

The whole opera is characterized by exquisite words, broad realm, distinct layers, fresh and elegant pictures, rich in three-dimensional sense. It is a good work of describing scenery, from which we can feel the light of wisdom of all opera masters.

Mountain House

Yuan Liu Yin

Horseshoe treads on the water and the bright clouds are chaotic.

Drunk sleeves fall in the wind.

The voice of the sparrow preceded me to the mountain house.

Driving a horse to tread a stream disturbs the shadows reflected in the water. I wave my sleeves, and the breeze blowing in front of me is also mixed with falling petals.

It was amazing to see the child standing by the stream. It turned out that he had gone out early to greet him when he heard the voice of the magpie.

The first two sentences of this poem describe the situation of traveling, reflecting the beautiful scenery between the mountains and the poets natural and unrestrained manner; the latter two sentences show the poets psychological activities, rendering the happy atmosphere when he arrives at the mountain house. This little poem is pure white sketch, smart and delicate, fresh and meaningful.

Boarding and Pavilion in Summer

Song Cai Wei

Sleep up and laugh alone.

Several fishing flutes are on the waves.

Paper-enclosed screen stone pillow, lying in the bamboo bed is so cool, long-standing scroll hands have been tired, throwing the book side gradually into a long dream. When I woke up, I didnt feel like I was smiling alone. I thought about the world carefully and listened to a few clear fishing flutes whirling around the waves.

This poem deliberately depicts the authors idle attitude after demoting officials and his yearning for seclusion. Wang Yis Notes in Chu Ci Zhang Ju: Water is clear, Yu Shizhao Ming, bathing, ascending to the court; water is turbid, Yu Shidim, it is appropriate to hide. Describing idle life and euphemistically expressing the desire to return to seclusion are the main tenets of this poem.

Qingcaohu Lake, Longyang County

Yuan Tang Wen Ru

The west wind blows the old Dongting waves.

Xiangjun grey-haired overnight.

When drunk, I dont know the sky is in the water.

The boat is full of dreams and stars.

Dongting Lake is blown old by the bleak autumn wind, and the sentimental goddess Xiangjun has added a lot of white hair overnight because of the sad autumn. Drunken, I dont know that the stars in the sky are reflected in the water. In a clear dream, I seem to lie in the bright stars.

This is the only work handed down by Tang Wenru, a poet in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty. There is no single word about the author in history. However, this is the only work he has ever written. The whole poem is full of romanticism, with a light and flexible style. It depicts scenery, dreams and reality. Novelty and uniqueness in conception and vagueness and fantasy in poetic realm are rare in previous poems. And the very romantic color that fills the lines in the words also leaves indelible traces in the poetry and prose of later generations.

Being a idle man is nothing but a wild crane in idle clouds and spent his life. See through the world, but a dream. In this way, we are idle people, not asking the truth or the truth, not afraid of the ruthless years.~

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