Guo Jingming PK Li Chengru: The most taboo thing about being a man is that he has a strong sense of superiority.

 Guo Jingming PK Li Chengru: The most taboo thing about being a man is that he has a strong sense of superiority.

Lets first look at the causes and consequences.

Place the Actors is a variety show for directors to comment on actorsperformances. Directors such as Chen Kaige, Li Shaohong and Guo Jingming were invited to the scene.

Of course, I dont know whether its my illusion or Guos personal charm.

As long as Guo Dao participates in some programs, it will certainly lead to tear X, and finally hot search.

There was Guo Dao fighting Wei Kunlin before, but now it is Guo Dao fighting Li Chengru.

The reason for the quarrel is that actors Guo Junchen and Dong Li performed a part of Guo Jingmings work Sadness flows upstream into a river.

The content and acting skills of this play are judged by everyone.

If the awn is on the back, if the needle is on the mat, if the squid is in the throat.

Then he even criticized the soul: Are our young people watching this kind of high school students fall in love?

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the spot began to solidify.

Guo Jingming didnt wait for Chen Kaige to say first, but took the lead: I dont think we need Kaige director to say first, let me say first.

Director Guo Jingming first admitted that the acting skills of the performance were very problematic, and he attributed it to the actors giving up a lot of excellent bridge segments designed by Guo.

But Guo Daos second point is that it begins to smell gunpowder.

Guo Dao believes that Li Chengru lacks understanding of his works. When Sadness Flows Backward into a River is Chinas first anti-campus violence, and Li Chengrus remarks even do not allow such films to exist!

Guo Daos original words are: You can never like something you dont like, but please allow it to exist!

We are free to choose the type we like, which is the charm of the film, and thats why the film is so charming!

This time, Guo Jingmings Huilan can be said to be a Mianli Tibetan needle, and witty words.

Lian Weibo immediately arranged a hot search, such as Guo Jingming refutes Li Chengru.

Want to see Guo Jingmings remarks on exotic flowers


Obviously, the progress of Guo Jingmings eloquence is tremendous.

But heres a question: this time, does Guo Jingming want to go back?

Or, more accurately, is Mr. Li Chengru really attacking him?

Last time Wei Kunlin slandered him and said, I feel like Im fighting with a woman!

This is a definite verbal insult and even includes some label discrimination.

But Li Chengru is not. In short, Wei Kunlins words are: Its wrong with people!

Li Chengrus words are: Yes, but insinuate people!

To be more precise, Li Chengrus words are not cursing but criticizing.

The difference is that cursing is a fiction of your shortcomings, and criticism is a pointing out of your shortcomings.

In fact, what Mr. Li Chengru objected to was that the writers who wrote this kind of sentimental routine (actually I also objected), but Guo Jingming was just included in this kind of writers.

But Guo Jingming was too anxious to oppose it, which showed his EQ accomplishment, not as godly as Weibo boasted.

At least he should let Chen Kaige speak first.

In fact, Li Chengrus comments on Guo Jingming are pertinent, though not pleasant.

The film does reflect campus violence, but I regret to say that it is because too many middle school studentslove plays dilute the theme.

Of course, after reading the original works, I understand that Guo Jingmings original theme is not campus violence.

Its love of youth!

The plot of the original novel is like this.

1. The housewife is poor, her parents divorce, and her mother sells herself to school.

2. The female owner was deceived by the slag man and did not take protective measures. She became pregnant and had no money for abortion. Finally, she went to a pheasant doctor for treatment, which greatly damaged her body.

3. Classmate Tang Xiaomi inadvertently saw the incident and began to spread it in schools. Of course, he also joined in the insult to the protagonist.

4. The goddess who accompanied her from childhood suddenly fell in love with a goddess, and the goddess was isolated.

5. The woman accidentally killed the goddess of the man. The man firmly refused to forgive her, so the woman jumped from the building.

But when the film was released, it changed a lot.

Forgive me for telling you so. Its not really a serious discussion of campus violence.

Because the real campus violence, there has never been love to join.

Real campus violence is cruel and disorderly.

They just want to bully you, add a little spice to their boring life, the so-called reasons are added later.

And these so-called bullies, their family education has long been disconnected, has become a demon child.

And many people in school and society still believe that they are just children, children fight, how big things.

In addition, some minor crimes are exempted from criminal punishment, and some schools have a muddy attitude, which makes campus violence unavoidable.

Some of the most abhorrent schoolsattitude of school reputation matters makes the administrators who originally maintained order turn into potential allies of campus violence violators. They do their utmost to suppress the victims and call them the overall situation is the most important.

This has allowed brutality to grow on campus.

Korean drama Earthworms is a good shot of this point.

Guo Jingmings When Sorrow Flows Backward into a River is more about the love entanglement between the heroine and the two male characters, which caters to the taste of some girls, but greatly weakens the depth and reality of the core of the story.

Its like Im not the God of medicine does not focus on the main contradiction of poverty of patients and high drug prices, and describes the contradiction between law enforcement departments and the absurd conflict of reality.

Douban also has the same opinion on the highest film review of When Sadness Flows Backward.

Guo Jingming changed Sadness Flows Backward into a River from abortion film to Campus anti-bullying theme.

Obviously, he is progressive and wise.

This makes it impossible for him to really turn over and become a mature director.

On the contrary, Boehner film knows this very well.

From Operation Mekong to Operation Red Sea to the latest Captain of China, Heroes of Fire and Winning Moment.

Boehners film almost sums up a mode of filming with both fame and wealth, and this mode of filming does not depend on the flow of stars, even with a lot of negative reviewers.

And Li Chengrus advice to When Sorrow Flows Backward into a River is: Join more feelings of home and country, loyalty and righteousness, less love of young people.

Guo Jingming did not see this. He only saw that others criticized and negated him.

This, I think, is terrible. He has become a person who cant accept other peoples opinions.

But at the same time, he is also very pitiful.


In the same movie, Guo Jingming also put aside the heavy words after the performance of Mingdao and Chen Ruoxian in the first group.

Before Guo finished his speech, Zhao Wei objected directly to him: the two people on the stage were not theatrical performances at all, and their performances were good, but Chen Ruohuan had a long time in the end.

Guo Jingming immediately interrupted Zhao Wei to defend herself:

Zhao Wei immediately stopped talking and was once embarrassed at the scene.

Guo Jingming is very sensitive. He cant accept criticism and denial. Like a giant with steel bars in his body, no one can make him bow his head.

Even if he did something wrong and the court ruled that he had lost, he would not say Im sorry!

As a young leader of the post-80s generation that the media used to publicize, Guo Jingming has long been unable to let go of his sense of superiority. Even if this sense of superiority is proved by hundreds of thousands of praises of Guo Jingming should go to Qihua.

But I still want to say: a businessman needs to bury his head in counting money, a celebrity needs to ignore criticism, and an author should be able to look at the criticism of his works from readers or colleagues positively.

Hannahs tolerance is the only way for every creator to succeed.

You dont have to be good, but you have to be strong inside.

The so-called inner strength is that criticism does not hurt you, but also allows you to learn something constructive.

This requires us to do something.

It doesnt matter what kind of person you are in the other persons eyes.

Anyone who attacks you verbally without affecting your self-evaluation is totally useless.

People who believe too much in their sense of superiority will fall sooner or later because of it.

I have heard of anger, fame and pleasure, I have hurt my friends, but I have helped my friends.

Ultimately, close little people far wise ministers, no matter how powerful people inevitably die in peace!