Four of the hardest BOSS bosses to fight against water and cold say more

 Four of the hardest BOSS bosses to fight against water and cold say more

But unexpectedly, instead of complaining about the difficulty of the activity, the players shouted: More! It doesnt seem quite right?

Some people may think that this carnival only belongs to fighter players. What about casual players? In fact, not all players have to fight to participate in this activity. Officials have prepared two kinds of recreational games, Mingxin and Donation. Players who do not want to participate in battle can directly consume the clarity value needed to participate in the activities or donate materials produced by life skills to unlock the lattices to help large forces unlock. In this way, leisure players can help unlock the progress of full service in their own way.

With the addition of these two games, [Nine Yours Return] is no longer an activity for a few players, but a real activity that everyone can participate in. It is a super-large carnival that belongs to full-service.

Some people say that they are going to travel during their holidays. Doesnt the progress of the game drop a lot? Dont worry! The official level of intimacy is abhorrent. They provide the most convenient way for the players who are not at home during the holidays and can not participate in the Nine Youth Return with computers: before National Day, they launched the official mobile assistant Adverse Water and Cold in the Box. Even if you travel abroad, you can also participate in the event of full-service with one click, without delay, and you can receive the task reward of super-invincible luxury.

In order to let all players comfortably play the new game, get the carnival ritual, it must be a lot of brain-draining development team.

As of September, Adverse Water and Cold has 16 million registered users, and indeed created a great miracle in the Duanyou Dusk Age. This kind of end-to-end swim, which goes back to work in the era of hand-to-hand swimming, challenges the era with an endless enthusiasm for research and development. Since last year, they have never stopped updating their content. As soon as the June anniversary documentary Mixed River and Lake passed, they immediately launched the Golden Autumn Carnival Documentary - Sword and Far Away.