Official Werewolf Killing X Guian Happy World Werewolf Killing Theme Paradise Carnival Attack

 Official Werewolf Killing X Guian Happy World Werewolf Killing Theme Paradise Carnival Attack

Neteases Werewolf Killing Official has been committed to the development of werewolf killing IP, actively exploring new games and social play methods, creating new characters such as dreamer, devil hunter, curse fox, etc., and continuously injecting fresh blood into werewolf killing.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the Werewolf Killing Official, the two sides announced cross-border linkages and jointly reproduced the werewolf village in the game, offering Carnival feasts for fans and fans of werewolf killing, bold integration of various elements such as werewolf Castle scenes and scenic spots, and adapting to the unique style of werewolf killing to create Halloween carnival theme to vividly reflect the game scenes.

The Werewolf Kill Official and Guian Joy World Linkage Theme Activity will be divided into three thematic areas - the Werewolf Village, the pumpkin area and the riotous ghost area. Each theme will have exclusive thematic interaction points such as Werewolf Castle, Werewolf Tunnel, Werewolf Fair, and IP role elements. In addition, there are more exciting werewolf killing challenges and interactive games waiting for players to participate in, the daily main venue Ghost will also present a wonderful werewolf killing stage play.

At the same time, the Halloween theme event will also launch the recruitment of White Wolf King and call on game fans to participate in the election campaign. To guide young people who love online games, from the online world to the great scenery in reality, to experience the adventures and excitement of Guian happy world, so that the game and tourist attractions can successfully achieve deep cross-border creative cooperation.

This cross-border linkage will Fuzhou Guian happy world incarnate crisis-ridden wolf village, werewolves, civilians, prophets, this network and reality of the game, which role to choose to play, true or false, false or true, whether through the fog to detect lies? Jumper, roller coaster, pendulum, lets look forward to this exciting adventure together!

Werewolf Killing Official as a favorite product of young people, has a new role playing method, witches, guards, dreamers, magicians, magic hunters and other boards. Real-time matching and opening help young people meet new friends; high-level play gathering, watch wars at any time, star anchors are playing, to meet the pure game experience of werewolf killing game enthusiasts; more fancy CP, with the city gate faction dating function, whether you are a novice or a fourth-class god, can find the most favorite play and friendship mode in Werewolf Killing Official, feel a serious Hu. Talk about eight ways of happiness and date TA with your voice.