2011 IndiePlay China Independent Game Competition

 2011 IndiePlay China Independent Game Competition

This years award cancels the Best VR Game Award and retains the Best New Star Award, which was added last year. This award is mainly aimed at the first team to sign up for indiePlay and hopes that more teams will join the indiePlay in the future.

Nomination list

The list of nominations for the 2009 indiePlay Awards is as follows.

Best Art:

KARMA Rain City Kaku: Ancient Seal Ghosts Fighting and Chopping Demons and Traveling Life Gallery

Best Design:

Raksasis followers of the variable demon, Lianmeng Super Baki Stadium mens adventurous rhythm in the world

Best Innovation:

The Last Wood of SELF, the Fifth Invention Legion

Best Narrative:

SELFChristmasTina bubble winter scene - visitors, mountain and sea travelers choose love

Best Music Sound Effect:

The Three Kingdoms of the Galaxy Pesticide Team SELF: The Tomb of the Dragon Knight in the Late Han Dynasty

Best Move:

Best Student Works (10 short-listed works):

Dragon Spirit Dr. Polpo Dark Forest Alice & Bunny Pro City Pigment Game: Slim and Goblin Song Tomorrow Explorers Life Gallery Insects Oneof

Best Overseas Works:

KENSHI Outrider Mako Pull Stay Minotao Oriental Luna Night Dice Dungeon

Best Nova:

Shanghai Huanqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Ground Law), Beijing Weiwei Era (Road of Recovery), Infinite Flying Game (Skeleton Knight), Mind Games Studio (Eroded Land), Infinite Studio (Jiuxiaoxian Gods), Penglai Flying Fish Studio (Devils Secret Land)

Best Game Award:

Mountain and sea travelers super buckie ball homestead mans human adventure rhythm fast fighting ghosts and beheading demons

CanISleep Trangeart WhatDoI Wanna GuruBEATSWHYDONTYOUKILLUSALL Bad March Crowd Closer Compromise Life Elf In Bottle

On the evening of December 8, the main stage of WePlay will hold the award ceremony of the 2019 Indie Play China Independent Game Competition! At that time, the final crown of each award will be announced on the spot. Welcome the vast number of game-loving players to the scene to witness this exciting moment!

This years WePlay Game Culture Exhibition will continue to be built into a theme park for gamers who love games, a large number of games, special guests, enthusiastic performances, limited commodities, theme experience and so on. Players can experience the pleasure of different game theme cultures while trying out all kinds of games.

This year more innovative Polish Leyou Infinite Polish Game Music Symphony Concert will greatly upgrade the experience of the game culture. Detailed time and place will also be announced. This years heavy guests and live events will be released one after another. Next Monday, a big wave is coming. Are you ready? More information about this years event is welcome to pay attention to official tweets from CiGA and WePlay.

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