Warship World Blitzkrieg First Anniversary Battle Carnival Welfare Prediction

 Warship World Blitzkrieg First Anniversary Battle Carnival Welfare Prediction

R Series VII Destroyer Fang

There are five 127 mm 50 times diameter 3-year main cannons on the trunk. High explosive bomb damage and armour piercing bullet damage are in the front rank of destroyers of the same class, and the damage of armour piercing bullet is more than 400 points. The maneuverability is at a medium level, and the extreme speed, acceleration and shift ability can be used. Two quadruple-mounted 610 mm 93 torpedoes are the most eye-catching enemy weapon of the truck, with an astonishing lethality of 4313 points. It will be a nightmare for all enemy ships in the naval battlefield that range, velocity and steering speed are arrogant to destroyers of the same class.

Quadruple torpedoes are enough to deter enemies

First Experience, Exhibit M Tour Style

During the anniversary, M series of new cruiser line top battleships will start the first experience! The IX class cruiser Seattle and the X class cruiser Worcester will be able to take the lead in the trial. As the masters of the M series artillery cruiser, Seattle and Worcester have comprehensive performance, excellent maneuverability, firepower and protection, and outstanding air defense capability. They will become the best assistants of the captains across the sea!

M Series IX Cruiser Seattle

M Series X Cruiser Worcester

Many surprises, enjoy anniversary benefits

During the anniversary, Warship World Flash Warfare will also offer many surprise benefits to the captains, in return for the support and love of the players over the past year.

The famous black Bismarck will come on the stage. When this historic ship with luxurious main and auxiliary artillery lineup, outstanding protection and super high appearance is put on a new armor, it will show a stronger fighting force! Threaten all sides! The old captain returns to reward the heavy upgrade, and the generous welfare helps you to go to battle again. Anniversary celebrations and first win plus events will open, each victory of you will win more generous awards; Anniversary special sharing will appear soon, mysterious special awards will be received by you; Anniversary review ship-type heavy debut, seven powerful warships with super value concessions waiting for your call; Deep-sea treasure hunting surprise on the new, many special captains and rare awards for you to draw!

The first anniversary celebration of Neteases large-scale multi-person warship competitor tour Warship World Blitzkrieg will soon be unveiled. Massive activities will entice the captain to revel and log on to the official website immediately to learn more about the anniversary!