Too much! The scalpers burned tickets and scolded Federer: He hurt us badly.

 Too much! The scalpers burned tickets and scolded Federer: He hurt us badly.

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Cattle burn tickets and scold Federer (Source: Netease Sports)

Chen Junle, the host of Shanghai TV and SMG Five Star Sports, revealed on his personal social platform that he himself was very dissatisfied with the behavior of some scalpers. There are very few things that can make me angry and nauseous these days. These scalpers who burn tickets in public outside Qizhong Tennis Center and curse players viciously have done so. Who can cure these scalpers? Please.

From the public video, you can see that several scalpers burned their tickets publicly, and in the video you can hear someone say, See, the tickets are torn, the scalpers lost their lives.

As the tickets were burned, a male scalper said, Burn paper for Federer, and our scalpers suffered a lot. In addition, a male scalper said in the video: Lost money, the scalpers have burned the tickets, you see, a five or six hundred, more than a thousand have been abolished.

For the behavior of these scalpers, netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction. These scalpers, when they used to rely on the old cows to make money for fans, do not know where hey, now come out to win eyeballs. Undoubtedly, Federer and Deyos double outings are not what the real fans want to see, but when they see the scalpers burning tickets, the fans also take this as a joke, Its a good thing to see the two old people out, that is, to let the scalpers not make a profit.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Editor-in-Charge of Muller: Zhao Ruiqi_NB12596