Boeing 737MAX has been confirmed to have security vulnerabilities. The CEO has announced that he will step down as chairman.

 Boeing 737MAX has been confirmed to have security vulnerabilities. The CEO has announced that he will step down as chairman.

What is the risk of 1400 domestic Boeing 737NG aircraft detecting multiple cracks?

According to reports, 11, Joint Organ Technical Review (JATR) International Flight Safety Group released a report that the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft Maneuverability Enhancement System (MCAS) has problems and can not coordinate with other systems. The MCAS design of this series of aircraft is based on data and assumptions that were replicated from previous aircraft configurations, the report said. The company did not evaluate the adaptability of 737MAX series aircraft, nor did it determine its safety limit.

Source: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737MAX series aircraft parked at Victoria Airport, known as Aircraft Cemetery.

At the same time, the team pointed out that the safety assessment process of MCAS was seriously flawed, and the Federal Aviation Administration allowed Boeing to evaluate itself and gave it too much freedom. The safety team recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should conduct a more rigorous review of all aircraft models of the company.

In March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-8 (belonging to the 737MAX series) crashed. This is the second 737MAX series crash after the Indonesian Lion Airlines crash in October 2018.

The amount of compensation for American Airlinesextended Boeing 737 Max grounding plan remains to be determined

The Boeing 737 Max plane involved in two air crashes is planning to return to American Airlines more difficult than other airlines. American Airlines announced that it would extend the Boeing 737 Max grounding plan to at least mid-January 2020, which could disrupt the busy holiday season at the end of the year.

Regulators reportedly did not say when airlines would be allowed to use 737 Max again. The plane has not been allowed to fly since mid-March this year after two crashes in five months, killing 346 people.

On March 27, the American Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft was parked at Victoria Airport, known as the Cemetery of Aircraft.

The grounding forced airlines to cancel thousands of flights, raising costs and hurting airlinesprofits. American Airlines said on the 9th that 9,475 flights were cancelled in the third quarter, reducing pre-tax revenue by about $140 million over the same period.

Boeing has said it hopes the FAA of the Federal Aviation Administration will allow the aircraft to fly in the fourth quarter.

Boeing has developed a software repair program for the aircraft, but FAA has not yet approved it, after the crash investigators believed that the flight control program was malfunctioning and repeatedly lowered the aircrafts nose in both disasters.

American Airlines said the schedule changes would force about 140 flights to be cancelled every day. The airline had expected the plane to return to the fleet for commercial flights in early December, just like other airlines, but had to postpone the return time again and again.

Airline executives have said they are negotiating with Boeing for the largest grounding compensation ever. Boeing paid $4.9 billion in after-tax expenses in the second quarter.

Doug Parker, chief executive of American Airlines, said the airline had talked to Boeing, but there was no exact amount of compensation.

Its very difficult to estimate the amount of compensation until we know when the aircraft will actually be put back into use and determine the damage caused, he said in an interview.

American Airlines said passengers booking 737 Max flights before January 6 would be assigned to the same old 737 with the same seats, while passengers booking Max flights between January 7 and January 15 might be assigned to another plane. The airline said it would contact passengers whose flights had been cancelled.

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