Its a demolition! Foreign students owe rent disappear, landlords come in and crash.

 Its a demolition! Foreign students owe rent disappear, landlords come in and crash.

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Its a demolition! Foreign students in arrears of rent suddenly disappeared and the landlord went into the house and collapsed.

Ms. Xu is a Jinhua with a hotel apartment in Hangzhou. Since March 2017, two Cameroonian students, both young men, have been rented through intermediary companies. But before the rental period of the house arrived, the two young men suddenly disappeared and still owed the rent. When Ms. Xu visited the door, the whole person almost collapsed.

Almost everything in the house is broken down, washing machines, refrigerators, wash basins, toilets, lights, cabinets, even doors and doorframes have been removed. Now its Mrs. Xus room. You can see that the curtain has been pulled off, the sofa is dirty, the chair has broken her leg, and there are rotten fish in the refrigerator. ?

Ms. Xu said that in March 17, the apartment was leased for one year through an intermediary at a monthly rent of 32,000. For the next two years, they are all due for subsequent signatures. The latest contract is until March next year. In September of this year, when rent was collected for the next quarter, an accident happened. One tenant said that his companion would go back home. He could not afford the rent alone and wanted to check out.

Ms. Xu accepted that two tenants were leaving. At that time, the tenant promised to move away on October 5th and hand over half a months rent to Ms. Xu. Both sides communicated through Wechat, Cameroonian tenants sent in English, Ms. Xu responded using translation software. But on October 6, there were problems in the communication between the two sides.

Ms. Xus Wechat was blackened by the tenants. She felt wrong. She rushed to Hangzhou from Jinhua on October 8. Because she could not contact the tenants, she could only enter the room by unlocking the company. So she saw the scene that made her stare.

In the room, we see the tenants campus card and graduation photo. The graduation college is a university in Hangzhou. Ms. Xu said that the two tenants had gone away and she recognized the loss of rent and utilities. But she was very angry to see the house turned into this.

Now, Ms. Xus micro-letter has been blackened by tenants. At the scene, the reporter tried to dial the tenants telephone number on the contract, which has been unable to contact.

Ms. Xus house was originally entrusted to an intermediary company. Now the tenants have gone away. The rent has not been recovered. The room is also in a mess. Is the intermediary responsible? ?

In this regard, the intermediary company said that Ms. Xus 2017 rental contract is indeed their agent. But after two years of renewal, they did not appear, nor did they charge intermediary fees. The whole process was done with the help of one of their employees in private. The problem is that even this employee has resigned and cant be contacted at present.

The tenant suddenly disappeared and the rental house was damaged. Lawyers said it was a malicious breach of contract by the tenant. During the lease period, the normal loss of the room is borne by the landlord. If it is like Ms. Xus house, the loss of abnormal use should be borne by the lessee.

At present, Ms. Xu has reported the case to Wenchao Road police station in Hangzhou.

Source: Look at the News Responsible Editor: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002