Zhang Yiming set up Nankai University Innovation Fund in his alma mater: donation of 100 million yuan

 Zhang Yiming set up Nankai University Innovation Fund in his alma mater: donation of 100 million yuan

Zhang Yiming is an alumnus of 2005 Software College of Nankai University. After graduation, he participated in the creation of Cool News, Fanfei, 99 rooms. In 2012, he founded Byte Pulse Company, which launched todays headlines, tremolo and other popular products.

As the initiator of the Nankai University Innovation Fund, Zhang Yiming donated 100 million yuan to the Innovation Fund, and Yang Qingshan (right) issued a donation souvenir to Zhang Yiming (left). Wechat Public Number @Map of Nankai University

On October 10, Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of byte beating, returned to his alma mater Nankai University. Yang Qingshan, Secretary of the Party Committee, met with Zhang Yiming and his party. Zhang Wen, lifelong president of Nankai University, president of Nankai Alumni Entrepreneurs Association and founder of Wumei Group, and Xu Jingjun, executive vice president of Nankai University attended the event. The two sides exchanged on the project of establishing Nankai University Innovation Fund.

Zhang Yiming said that Nankai University is his alma mater and has left many unforgettable memories in Nankai. The establishment of the Innovation Fund is to play a positive role in creating an innovative atmosphere in schools and further enhance the initiative of teachers and students to innovate and start businesses. For this reason, he also went to Cambridge to inspect the operation of the Innovation Fund. Thank you for your great support and affirmation to the establishment of innovation fund. In addition, Zhang Yiming donated 10 million yuan to the Nankai Talent Development Fund to support the construction of school teachers and personnel. This year is the centennial anniversary of Nankai University. Zhang Yiming wishes his alma mater a brilliant future in the new century, saying that he will continue to support the development of Nankai in more fields.

It is reported that the innovation fund of Nankai University was officially launched on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of Nankai University. Through public welfare, it supports the innovative entrepreneurship projects of Nankai students, graduates and teachers. The investment phase of the fund is seed fund, with a single investment not exceeding 3 million yuan. The fund is also open to other alumni and receives donations. As a co-sponsor of the Innovation Fund, Zhang Wenalumni will also donate 10 million yuan to the fund.

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