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On October 12, Li Guoqing announced today that his micro-blog was called Cup Breaking Apology. He said that he was really embarrassed and frightened the host. Whats more, he stigmatized the couples entrepreneurship. Li Guoqing also said that conspiracy or design, the past will be the past, he will lead new projects to create a new tomorrow. There will be a wider world waiting for him. [Link to the original

Huawei released Hongmeng mobile phone on 17th? Hongmeng will not be used in mobile phone products during the year

It was reported this morning that after the Mate30 series, Huawei Mobile will launch a more innovative full-screen mobile phone on October 17, with the possibility of carrying the Hongmeng system. First financial reporter learned from Huawei insiders that the news is not true. All the statements about Hong Meng are speculations. The person told reporters that building an HMS ecosystem is a top priority for Huawei. This year, the Hongmeng system will not be used in mobile phone products. [Link to the original

Mask: Tesla fully automatic driving system price will be raised by US $1000.

On October 12, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the price of Teslas fully automated driving system would be raised by $1,000 on November 1 due to the release of Tesla V10.0 software and Smart Summons intelligent call function. [Link to the original

Facebook was frustrated and six members, including Visa MasterCard, quit the Libra Money Association.

After PayPal, an online payment company, announced its withdrawal from the Facebook proposed cryptocurrency Libra project, visa, MasterCard, eBay, strible, mercadopago and other founding members also announced their withdrawal, which hit Facebook hard to build a distributed global cryptocurrency plan. [Link to the original

Seven manufacturers such as millet have been interviewed for a deadline to rectify the problem caused by too many advertisements on TV.

On October 10, Jiangsu Consumer Insurance Commission had to watch an advertisement before the TV set was turned on and could not be shut down. It made public interviews with seven problem enterprises, including Skyworth, Hisense, Millet, Haier, Changhong, Sharp and Lexin. Jiangsu Consumer Insurance Commission requires enterprises to submit written rectification plans in 10 working days. If it does not cooperate with the rectification, the Provincial Consumer Insurance Commission will not exclude the initiation of public interest litigation. [Link to the original

General Administration of Market Supervision: New Energy Vehicles should report smoke and fire within 12 hours

In order to strengthen the safety guarantee of new energy vehicles, the State Administration of Market Supervision recently issued new regulations to regulate the report of new energy vehicle accidents, requiring new energy vehicle enterprises to report basic accident information to the General Administration of Market Supervision within 12 hours after the accident. In fact, in order to strengthen the safety management of new energy vehicles, the relevant departments have made successive efforts since this year. [Link to the original

Zhongtong Shuang11 is going to raise its price. Does other express delivery follow?

Shuang11 has not arrived yet, the express company has been foolish, began to plan price increases. On October 11, China Express released a Notice to Customers on the Response to the Peak Season Plan which said that it would adjust the express delivery fee from November 11, 2019. In recent years, four links and one access has been adjusting the price on the eve of double 11. Will other express companies follow up after the price hike by China Express? [Link to the original

Ink Weather Response to IPO Failure: Self-monitoring will be strengthened and development will not stop

On Oct. 12, Ink Weather issued a statement in its official microblog, saying: Yesterday, at the 142nd meeting of the 18th Development and Examination Commission of the SFC in 2019, the results of the examination and verification of the Ink Weather Listing were published. Ink Weather accepted the inquiries raised by the SFC and has given corresponding answers. For the rectified part, self-monitoring will be strengthened. For the imperfect part, special groups have been set up to incorporate the adjustment measures. [Link to the original

Wechat responded to $10 to change the position of the circle of friends: is communicating with Taobao Off-Shelf services

Recently, it has been reported that in an e-commerce, there is a situation of selling Friendship Circle Location Service, and 10 yuan can be used to change the position of Friendship Circle. In response, on October 12, Tencent Weixin responded that Weixin was communicating with Taobao about the sale of plug-in software reported by the media and demanding illegal services. Wechat prompted that users should not use such plug-in services, and must not give their own information such as Weichat account, password and authentication code to strangers, in order to avoid privacy, property security and other risks. [Link to the original

Foreign Media: Huawei is expected to get a Google Play license soon

Phone Arena, a foreign media outlet, wrote that Huawei is expected to get a Google Play license soon. Phone Arena quoted the New York Times as saying that the Trump administration planned to soon license some American companies to supply some of Huaweis products. [Link to the original