Nine of NINEPERCENTs Disbandment Concert Opened with Graduation Feelings

 Nine of NINEPERCENTs Disbandment Concert Opened with Graduation Feelings

Netease Entertainment reported Oct. 12 that on Oct. 12, NINEPERCENTs Restricted Memory concert sang in Guangzhou. Nine people performed Innovator in an open performance, and then shared their thoughts with fans.

You Changjing: For a long time, there were no nine people together. Today is also the last concert. It was especially high in preparation.

Prince Yi: Thank you for accompanying us to graduate today.

Lin Yanjun: Today, I am very cheeky to say that this is my home court. I dare not. This is the place where I grew up. I am very happy to end a milestone in the city I know well.

Fan: I am very happy to come to Guangzhou. I hope today I can leave you a deep memory and have a good time.

Cai Xukun: I didnt prepare a draft today. Think about what Im going to say. Im very happy to see you every time. Today is the happiest moment recently. Lets enjoy and have fun together.

Chen Linong: Welcome to our final concert. Nine of us miss you very much.

Justin: Thank you so much for coming to support us. Today, I made a special eye makeup to keep myself from crying. It took a lot of time to make it up.

Zhu Zhengting: This is the last time I introduce myself in this way. Thank you so many people for supporting us. I hope todays stage can leave you the best memories in your life.

Kid: Its a great pleasure for you to come to our graduation concert. Once again, I stand side by side with my brothers. I feel very good. Thank you for your company for so long. Today, I hope to hand in a questionnaire that will satisfy nine of us and all our fans.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322