Drivers of Wuxi Viaducts without Weight Limit Signs claim no overload and no profit

 Drivers of Wuxi Viaducts without Weight Limit Signs claim no overload and no profit

At about 6:10 p.m. on October 10, 3 people died and 2 were injured when the bridge deck rolled over at K135 in Shanghai direction and Xigang Road on 312 National Highway, which aroused great public concern.

On the morning of October 12, upstream journalists saw on the spot that the overturning bridge deck was about 200 meters long, had been cleared, and the road under the bridge was open to traffic. The overloading situation of Wuxi section of 312 National Highway has improved significantly.

Previously, upstream journalists had been driving along the more frequent routes of trucks in Wuxi city according to the route provided by truck drivers. It was found that the weight limit sign was not clearly marked on several viaducts. Several truck drivers said that short-distance overloading in urban areas has become an industry latent rule.

_The road surface of the involved section has been opened to traffic. Photographer/upstream journalist Shi Tingting

The incident was opened 36 hours later.

At 7:15 a.m. on October 12, the bridge collapsed at K135 in Shanghai direction and Xigang Road on 312 National Highway in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. After 36 hours of blockade, the road below was officially opened to traffic.

Upstream journalists noted that the length of the rollover deck is about 200 meters, and only under the rollover deck can be used by vehicles and pedestrians. Most of the underneath the overturning bridges are wasteland and blocked, so that vehicles and pedestrians can not pass through. The incision of side-turning bridge deck is neat, and there are no obvious cracks on the piers on both sides.

Previously, upstream journalists saw at the scene that after the accident, three kilometers around the scene were forbidden to enter. Around 11 p.m. on the 11th, the police on duty said: To ensure pedestrian safety, the section including bridges involved in accidents has been blocked. Road safety assessment is required before traffic is allowed.

Due to the large area of the blockade site, residents around said it had affected normal travel. Resident Ms. Wang said, Usually, people go to work by crossing bridges. After the accident, it takes at least a long way to get to the factory.

For the long blockade and large area, on October 12, upstream journalists learned from Wuxi city officials that after the accident, fire control and traffic control departments rushed to the scene and sent rescue and cleaning vehicles. Due to the nearly 1200 tons of rollover bridge deck, cranes can not complete cleaning at one time. In the case of not determining the condition of the personnel in the compressed vehicles, rescue workers invoked a large number of earthwork and dumped it under the rollover bridge deck to prevent the slide of the rollover bridge deck from causing secondary damage.

In the early morning of November 11, rescue workers chose blasting methods to demolish the overturned bridge deck, followed by manual demolition by firefighters. Due to the large amount of work, the early morning cleaning work was completed on the 12th. After the asphalt pavement of about 3000 square meters was completed, the road on the ground resumed operation at 7:15 on the 12th.

Accident bridges and adjacent overpass bridges are still impassable, to be detected and repaired, there is no potential safety hazard, will be issued traffic information. Police on duty said.

_In the early morning of October 11, due to the closure of National Highway 312, a large number of trucks diverted to line S228 and entered the urban area of Wuxi. Photographer/upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Truck drivers call overloading a hidden rule

At 6 a.m. on November 11, 12 hours after the accident, a large number of onlookers still gathered around the accident site.

Upstream journalists noticed during their visits to the surrounding environment that a large number of wholesale markets and logistics centers such as steel, machinery, ornaments and timber were distributed within 10 kilometers of the accident site near Xigang Road. There were five large parking lots just near Xigang Road. Near 312 National Highway, it has become the most concentrated place for bus drivers.

At the scene of the accident, several truck drivers told upstream journalists that the overloading of short-distance trucks has become an industry latent rule. Walking at a high speed will certainly not overload, and you will be punished as soon as you get on it. The trucks within the scope of 50 kilometers in Wuxi basically follow the national road, and they cant make money without overloading. Several truck drivers said that in the case of artificial, vehicle maintenance and rising oil prices, only overloading is the way to make profits. Although there are risks, there is a general sense of luck.

It has been confirmed by many parties that the accident vehicle belonging to Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd. is transported from Jiangyin Wharf in Wuxi to Wuxi City with 28 tons of steel sheets.

According to Modern Express, there were two trucks passing through the bridge at the time of the accident, one carrying six steel coils and the other carrying seven steel coils. After the passing of the front vehicle, the bridge deck rollover occurred during the traffic of the vehicle causing the accident. But it is certain that both cars are overloaded.

Several citizens who witnessed the accident confirmed to the upstream journalists that the accident vehicle was about 32 meters long and belonged to a 6-axle extended truck. Six steel coils were scattered on the ground during rollover. Such vehicles can be seen almost every day in this section, the phenomenon of the viaduct is also very common, with the large truck pulling steel plate on the back of the bridge, feel that the bridge is shaking.

Besides the intensive logistics and building materials enterprises, Wuxi section of 312 National Highway is an important cargo channel connecting Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou and Nanjing, which also makes it an important transportation hub in Wuxi.

On the morning of December 12, upstream journalists noticed that after the opening of Xigang Road, truck traffic resumed its previous busy schedule. However, none of the trucks carried more than one steel coil, and many trucks were not close to the rear baffle height.

Something has happened. We used to install six, but now we can only install one. The truck drivers said.

_Accident section of Xigang Road, due to its proximity to many building materials markets, large trucks frequently come and go. Photographer/upstream journalist Shi Tingting

No Limited Weight Signs for Many Roads in Wuxi

Upstream journalists noted that this is not the only viaduct in Wuxi City that has a similar structure to 312 National Highway and allows trucks to pass through.

On October 11, according to the route provided by several truck drivers, the upstream news traveled along Xigang Road, which was more frequently used by trucks, to Qianluo Road, passing through Guangrui Road, Guangbo Road, Xiyu Road, Jianghai East Road Auxiliary Road, Expressway Inner Ring East, Jianghai Road, Jianghai Expressway, Jianghai East Road, Luoxin Bridge, Qianluo Road and other roads, including Expressway Inner Ring East and Jianghai Expressway. There are many viaduct sections such as expressway and Luoxin viaduct. There are two types of viaduct: single-column pier bridge and double-column bridge.

Like the bridge over 312 National Highway, these viaducts allow the passage of large trucks. Along the way, reporters saw that besides the trucks pulling ordinary goods, there are also large trucks and large mixers transporting building materials. But along the way, reporters did not see the entrance and exit of the viaduct limited weight signs.

Upstream journalists inquired and found that according to the Regulations on Highway Management of Over-limit Transport Vehicles issued by the Ministry of Transport No. 62 in 2016, the total weight of 6-axle trucks and goods changed from 55 tons to 49 tons, and it was clear that the traffic and public security departments would realize the normalization of joint law enforcement and strictly implement the one-over-four penalties for over-limit and over-load transport vehicles. According to the Regulations, the traffic management department of public security is responsible for directing and guiding vehicles to the Over-gauge detection station for testing, and the highway management organization is responsible for carrying out weighing.

But in fact, the reporter along the way did not see the law enforcement departments on the road vehicle weight limit inspection, also did not see the out-of-gauge detection station.

Huang Qin, the mayor of Wuxi, led a team to conduct a special inspection of Wuxis Over-gauge monitoring station on November 11. Huang Qin said that Over-gauge vehicle overloading poses a great hidden danger to road traffic safety. Illegal phenomena are not rare, and the task of governance is arduous. We should strengthen the investigation and punishment of 100-ton King vehicles, find out the source loading units and transport enterprises of 100-ton King vehicles, and ensure that 100% of the investigation and punishment are in place.

_No weight limit sign was seen on many viaducts in Wuxi which can be used for truck travel. Photographer/upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Measures taken in many places in Jiangsu Province to strictly inspect overloaded vehicles

Upstream journalists learned that as early as September 1, 2018, Jiangsu Province implemented the Rules for Implementing One Overload and Four Penalties for truck overloading in Jiangsu Province. On September 29, this year, Wuxi City also launched a new round of large-scale investigation and renovation of potential safety hazards in the field of road traffic, including overloading of key vehicles.

Up to now, the official of Wuxi has not yet made a clear response to the daily supervision of the general public concern and how overloaded trucks can be elevated.

However, the reporter noticed that on the day of the incident, the Jiangsu Transportation Department issued a news that the Jiangsu Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau issued the Provincial Highway Entrance Overweight Refusal Detection System Facilities Construction Requirements, and proposed that we should further strengthen the installation of the highway entrance weighing detection system facilities, accelerate the joint overweight control work at the highway entrance, and achieve the goal. Highway entrance control.

After the accident, the official media in Wuxi released a message on October 12 that all Wuxi expressway toll stations, such as East, West and North Wuxi, have been installed and have met the conditions for use. In the future, all trucks in Wuxi must pass the test of refusing to exceed the scale before going up to the high speed. The normal range of loading capacity will be deducted automatically and released automatically. If the trucks exceed the limit, they will be forbidden to enter the high speed and be forced to unload.

The bridge collapse accident caused by overloading of freight cars in Wuxi has a direct impact on the surrounding cities. Suzhou has carried out the inspection of the illegal acts of overload and overload transport, and explicitly requires all over-the-counter stations to carry out 24-hour duty investigation and punishment. All overloaded vehicles are found to be unloaded. Nanjing has announced that by the end of this year, 50 non-stop detection systems for overload and overload are expected to be built and put into operation by the end of this year. It mainly distributes at important junctions and sections. It monitors and protects key sections and bridges 24 hours a day.

Source: Upstream News Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310