Executives of Hangzhou Company stole limited sneakers several times, washed and packed, and displayed them at home

 Executives of Hangzhou Company stole limited sneakers several times, washed and packed, and displayed them at home

Limited edition sneakers. Arch Villa Procuratorial Map

BEIJING, Hangzhou, Oct. 12 In recent years, the culture of sneakers has become popular, and a limited edition of sneakers is hard to find. Under this circumstance, Xiao Xie (pseudonym) who is crazy about sneakers arouses distorted thoughts.

Xiao Xie, a 36-year-old executive of a company in Hangzhou, works steadily and earns a lot of money. It seems to outsiders that life and work are going smoothly. Xiao Xie has a hobby of collecting Limited Edition sneakers. His love for sneakers has reached the point of insanity. But some limited edition sneakers are really hard to grab, even if they try their best.

One day in 2019, Xiaoxie went to a friends house to play. He happened to find a pair of basketball shoes which he had loved for a long time but could not buy at the door of his friends neighbors house. Back home, after some ideological struggle, reason still failed to suppress the inner foolishness.

Late that night, Xiaoxie put on a mask, changed into black clothes and pants, carried a black bag, and secretly returned to the neighborhood where his friends lived. Entering the corridor, Xiao Xie deliberately took the elevator to the upper floor, then turned back from the stairs, tiptoed to the door of the family, quickly stuffed shoes into his bag and left quickly.

When he returned home, Xiaoxie took out the shoes he could not easily get. What surprised him even more was that they were just his size. Xiao Xie cleaned the shoes and went out in these hard-won shoes in a few days.

Since mastering this treasure hunting technique, Xiao Xie sometimes disguises in the middle of the night and goes to some upscale neighborhoods to search for his precious shoes. Xiao Xie got 67 pairs of shoes in this way. He cherishes these treasures very much. After washing and cleaning, he wraps them in plastic wrap and displays them at home. Whenever a friend comes, Xiao Xie always shows off his collection and friends.

Xiao Xie thought that the gods and ghosts had escaped from the nets of heaven and earth unconsciously, but he did not realize that the surveillance had already recorded his every move. Shortly after the victim who lost his shoes reported the case, the police found Xiao Xie and searched his home for the stolen shoes.

Xiao Xie confessed to theft of other peoples shoes after the case. He admitted that he was confused because of his love for shoes and regretted for his temporary greed. At present, the case is still in the process of handling.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002