Inventory of Beijings Night Fee Map during National Day: 1/3 Contribution from Foreign Tourists

 Inventory of Beijings Night Fee Map during National Day: 1/3 Contribution from Foreign Tourists

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Inventory of Beijings Night Fee Map during the National Day: 1/3 of the contribution of foreign tourists to Wangjing is the hottest (source: original)

On October 12, during the National Day holiday in Beijing, the temperature dropped sharply, but night consumption continued to rise. Wangjing, which is famous for its high-end consumption, has the highest night consumption in Beijing, followed by Xidan, the Youth Paradise. Consumption peaked on the last day of the holiday, reaching 5410 yuan per capita. This year, the amount of night consumption of foreign tourists on National Day in Beijing accounts for one third of the total night consumption in Beijing, and is also a proper consumption force.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News