Six people fell into a sewage pool and died of poisoning. Enterprises involved had exceeded the standard for sewage discharge.

 Six people fell into a sewage pool and died of poisoning. Enterprises involved had exceeded the standard for sewage discharge.

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The rescue pictures of five women workers who fell into the chemical pool were exposed (source: Netease video)

On October 11, six employees of a chemical plant in Hengkou Demonstration Zone of Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, fell into a sewage pool and died of poisoning. Today (October 12) afternoon, a staff member of the Hengkou Demonstration Zone Management Committee said that the factory had stopped production at the time of the accident. After the cleaning staff fell into the flocculation mixing pool, five workers in the factory fell into the pool one after another, causing accidents. New Beijing News reporter searched found that the involved Hengxiang Biochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengxiang Chemical Co.) had been blocked because of river water pollution caused by excessive sewage discharge.

Today, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Ankang Emergency Management Bureau that six of the dead were suffocated by poisoning. In the afternoon, a reporter from the Beijing News called the Management Committee of Hengkou Demonstration Zone in Ankang City. A staff member said that on the day of the accident, Hengxiang Chemical Company had stopped production, but there were also workers cleaning and watching the factory. At the time of the accident, the female cleaning staff first fell into the flocculation mixing pool, and then five workers rescued the victims, all of whom were from Ankang City, Shaanxi Province.

As for the poisons in the bodies of the six deceased, the above-mentioned staff said that they still need to be tested. As for the reasons for the shutdown of the chemical company, the staff member said it was not clear, and said that the details of the accident and the cause of the accident were still under investigation by the authorities, and if any progress was made, it would be announced to the public.

According to the Ankang Eco-environment Bureau, Hengxiang Chemical Company is the key pollutant discharging unit of Ankang City in 2018. The main pollutants discharged are chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen.

The Beijing News reporter found that in March 2018, the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Han Bin District of Ankang City had issued a document saying that since February 26, 2018, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Ankang and the Han Bin District Environmental Protection Bureau have received the Internet users and the masses to reflect the water quality anomaly of the moon River in Datong town. After on-site verification, the river body is muddy and yellowish, and there are lots of white foam floating objects on the surface, especially the No. 3 landscape dam of Heng Kou Town. Upstream and downstream are more prominent, a large number of sewage is intercepted and silted, the water body is yellow-brown, and accompanied by acid odor. On February 28, there were halo and dead fish stranding in Datong section of Yuehe River.

The investigation results show that one of the reasons for the abnormal water quality of Yuehe River is that Hengxiang Chemical Company has exceeded the standard of sewage discharge, resulting in water pollution. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Hanbin District interviewed the enterprise legal person on the spot in Hengxiang Chemical Company, sealed up the production line, issued the notice of stop production and rectification, and filed a case to investigate the excessive discharge behavior of the enterprise. In addition, 24-hour monitoring of environmental law enforcement personnel is arranged, requiring enterprises to fully implement the rectification.

On October 7 this year, the official Wechat Public number of the Administrative Committee of Hengkou Demonstration Zone in Ankang City published an article saying that during the National Day holiday this year, the local ecological environment department inspected Hengxiang Chemical Company. This afternoon, a person in charge of the ecological environment bureau of Hengkou Demonstration Zone, surnamed Wang, told the Beijing News that the company mainly checked whether the equipment for on-line monitoring of waste water and exhaust gas discharge was normal. The flocculation mixing tank that employees fell into at the time of the accident was a production facility, not within the scope of inspection. As for the inspection results during the National Day, the person in charge said that he had not yet mastered them.

Six workers fell into a sewage tank and died in an enterprise in Ankang, Shaanxi Province

The reporter learned from the Management Committee of Hengkou Demonstration Area, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, that on the afternoon of October 11, 2019, six employees of a local enterprise accidentally fell into the sewage pool while working. After the incident, the local authorities immediately launched rescue, and then six people were rescued. As of 6 p.m., six people were rescued without vital signs.