Lithuanian media have ordered an apology for Huaweis false reports on the African Union

 Lithuanian media have ordered an apology for Huaweis false reports on the African Union

Recently, the District Court of Vilnius City in Vilnius, Lithuania, found that an article published by the Lithuanian Morning Post (LrytasUAB) in December 2018 contained false reports about Huawei. It ordered the newspaper to publish a statement on its website within two weeks after the verdict came into effect to clarify the relevant false information and bear part of Huaweis litigation costs. Huawei welcomed the ruling.

The Lithuanian Morning Post published a report entitled The Vigorous Development of Chinese Giants in Lithuania on December 14, 2018. It reported that in the five years since 2012, various data from AU headquarters were sent to servers located in China every night, suggesting that the incident was related to some telecommunications equipment provided by Huawei. The report has no factual basis and seriously damaged the reputation of Huawei.

In fact, Huaweis solutions to the AU have been controlled, managed and operated by AU IT staff. Huawei neither controls the data nor transfers it anywhere. Huawei filed a lawsuit in March 2019, asking the court to find the report untrue and asking the Lithuanian Morning Post to publicly clarify the errors in the report. The court supported Huaweis claim. The verdict said the report caused misunderstanding among readers and seriously damaged its commercial reputation.

Following the courts decision, the Lithuanian Morning Post published a clarification statement on its official website on September 26, 2019, acknowledging that the false reports had damaged Huaweis reputation. (Links to clarification statements:

Huawei thanks the local court of Vilnius, Lithuania for its impartial judgment. We also reiterate that network security and user privacy are Huaweis highest principles, and Huawei has never installed and will not install backdoors in its devices. Over the past 30 years, Huawei has served more than 3 billion people in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, maintaining a good record of product quality and safety. We have established a precious cooperative relationship of mutual trust and respect with global operators, enterprises, channels, suppliers and consumers. Huaweis quality and safety record can be traced, which is also a precious treasure we have always cherished. We will take legal measures to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests against any deliberate blasphemy and unfounded public accusations.

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