In the face of emotional betrayal, dont just regard retrieve as the only option.

 In the face of emotional betrayal, dont just regard retrieve as the only option.

However, in the emotional betrayal, there is a kind of person who may never solve the problem, always painful.

This is the kind of person who only sets the end for his marriage and feelings, and the end has to be a happy ending for a big reunion.

When a marriage encounters betrayal, we must first accept the reality that marriage has actually fallen into crisis and any possibility exists. If betrayed marriages are still rock solid, there really is no reason or reason for divorce.

Many people face emotional betrayal, for various reasons, will choose to retrieve, and more specifically, to pull back the other party.

After all, a couple, after all, many years of feelings, after all, there are children, family and other factors to consider, so it is reasonable to choose to retrieve.

However, based on the existence of all kinds of possibilities and all kinds of uncertainties, there must be a question you must answer yourself:

In fact, many people dont think about it at all.

There are two main reasons for not thinking.

First, too confident. I think that the emotional foundation of two people is very deep, the other side is just temporarily dizzy, as long as I actively try to save the other side, TA will be able to come back to me, we can start again.

When they find that the other side is still betraying again in the process of recovery and repair, they habitually think that TA is still persistent and unrepentant, TA still needs time; or, my efforts are not enough...

The other is escape. This is actually more common because they cant afford all the outcomes except salvage. So they force themselves to choose only one way, and when they think of other ways, they immediately stop themselves saying, I dont accept it, so I dont think about it.