Oriental giant sound Zhuangshenzhou Ninth Institute limited deletion test filing on October 18

 Oriental giant sound Zhuangshenzhou Ninth Institute limited deletion test filing on October 18

At the Eleventh festival, the Ninth House officially exposed four brand-new posters to commemorate the milestone of the development of scientific research in the motherland: the posters show the story background and spiritual concept of the game with four themes: the rise of the East, the strengthening of Shenzhou Wei, the thunder of the Gobi, and the coming of the month in nine days.

Even if the time can not be reversed, the younger generation can remember the history of scientific research struggle of the pioneers of science and technology of the Peoples Republic of China through the Ninth Institute.

In the 1950s, China, which experienced the War of Liberation, thrived with all kinds of wastes. At this time, a group of mysterious scientists entered the no mans land at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, and started a secret work, so that the Chinese people would no longer be bullied and threatened.

Mysterious Research Bases on the Plateau

This notebook talks about the past of pioneers in science and technology

Strengthen ourselves and build a strong country with two bullets and one star in Shenzhou

Players are both witnesses and creators of history

Gobi Thunderstorm Launches the First Nuclear Research Subject Hand Tour to Take You Through Time and Space

In 1964, Chinas first atomic bomb exploded successfully, which is an important watershed in the development of Chinas national defense. Since then, China has quickly shaken off the image of poverty and weakness and played an increasingly important role in the international arena.

For many young people today, this story has become a distant secret for a long time. The Ninth House chose this mysterious theme and took the game as the carrier to record the history of the scientific researchers who had lived in Xuguo and hoped that more people would remember the heroes who had left their homeland and were anonymous, who had completed the warmest guardianship of their country in the most barren and deserted areas when the country was in trouble.

Nine Days and Months to Open the Star Sea of Scientific Research in China

Our countrys first atomic bomb detonated successfully, it is only a beginning. Next, Chinese scientists put their eyes into the vast sky. From A Star Dream of Oriental Red to Manned Space Struggle to Change Running to the Moon to Explore the Future, Chinese people will take a bigger and farther step in exploring space.

Next, the players will experience these important research nodes in the Ninth Institute, grasp their own history and future of China, and witness how the new China gains international respect step by step.

Todays happiness is based on yesterdays sweat and blood. In order to inherit the essence of national culture, Netease has always been committed to the game as a carrier, the spirit of two bombs and one star and manned space flight and other valuable national wealth to more contemporary young people. Neteases Reproduction of the History of National Scientific Research Struggle hand-built sandbox tour Ninth House will open its first Android limited deletion test on October 18. If you want to explore this glorious period of time, then you might as well go to the official website to make an appointment game to pay tribute to the soothing pioneers of scientific research!

About the Ninth House

Ninth Institute takes the struggle history of major scientific and technological projects from two bombs and one star to manned space flight as the background, takes the construction of sandbox as the game mode, tells the touching story of patriotic dedication and arduous struggle, so that the spirit of loving the motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance, hard struggle, vigorous cooperation and courage to climb of our scientific and technological pioneers can be displayed again. u3002 With this work, I would like to pay tribute to all pioneers of science and technology in the Republic.

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