Net Fish Cafe 21 Years: Back-to-back competition play out of the circle to become a quasi-unicorn industry

 Net Fish Cafe 21 Years: Back-to-back competition play out of the circle to become a quasi-unicorn industry

Compared with traditional Internet cafes, netfish has been working hard around how to play. From the theme of 21 years play together for the anniversary of net fish net cafe, net fish net cafe pays more attention to play together than to play. From the post-70 and post-80 Internet Cafe era, to the post-90 Internet Cafe trend, and then to the Post-00 electronic competition atmosphere is becoming increasingly strong, every upgrade of Internet cafe is inseparable from the unique game social culture. As a quasi-unicorn enterprise in the online Cafe industry, how does the online cafe make players really play together?

Luyu Youyi interview IG, the interview place is in the net fish net cafe

Ordinary players also have competitive desire. How can cyber cafes connect ordinary players with electronic games? Behind the development of Internet cafe industry is the support of more than 200 billion games and 80 billion competitive industries. How to let players really play together, not just at the spatial level, and constantly meet the competitive desire of ordinary players, is the core problem to be solved in the operation and maintenance of online cafes. So how does cyber cafe connect ordinary players with electronic games? The operation and maintenance mode of net fish net cafe may have some reference significance for the industry. For top players, the strategy of netfish net cafe is to cooperate with LOL and PUBG official events to establish a youth training camp, which is equivalent to providing advanced channels for ordinary players. For the competitive industry, because the golden age of the electrician is only four years, it needs scientific and rigorous way to maintain the alternation of old and new, so the existence of youth training camp has become an important way to renew the blood of the electrician.

Faced with a large base of ordinary players, the practice of netfish net cafe is self-owned Internet Cafe events, such as the Netfish Arena, the Global Internet Cafe League, to open the amateur game platform to passers-by players for a long time. Even if we cant get the attention of professional teams by participating in netfishing events like LPL No. 1, world champion curly hair, eye-catching and other experts, the existence of similar events is enough to make players who cant become professional players become addicted. At the same time, for ordinary players who like to watch games, Netfish also cooperates with game manufacturers and live broadcasting platforms to organize off-line watching events such as S and TI, which is similar to the bar watching culture of football. The formation of self-owned competition brand and watching culture makes net fish net cafe become a comprehensive experience Hall of electronic games, creating an atmosphere of playing together and continuously stimulating the competitive desire of core players.

The net fish net cafe with an annual passenger flow of 30 million also means that it has the flow entrance of the young market. In the eyes of competition and game manufacturers, net fish net cafe has become the preferred cooperative fragrant baboon; net fish net cafe has launched in-depth cooperation with the iG and 4AM teams, while joining LGD Club to build theme stores, while realizing, it strengthens the competitive tag of net fish net cafe, and further attracts competitive players. Form a virtuous circle. In addition to e-sports, what novelty can Internet cafes give users to play? Although e-Competition is the strong agent of e-cafe, e-cafe can not rely solely on e-competition, besides, after the rise of hand-swimming, phenomenon-level end-swimming has become unattainable. From the current role played by Internet cafes, playersrequirements for Internet cafes are no longer limited to playing games and having an atmosphere of electronic competition. At the end of 2016, Net Fish Cafe launched a 5.0 product model. According to the field observation of Game Daily, the coverage rate of 5.0 mode is more than 70%, covering single to six and ten people. It can basically meet all kinds of blackout needs of popular games. Since then, there has been a new concept of private clubs in online cafes. Unlike traditional private clubs, online cafes have natural advantages in price, together with the convenience of computers and services, making online cafes have more points in the choice of social places for young people. In fact, not only ordinary players, but also net cafes are popular with stars. In addition to Angelababy, the spokesperson of netfish brand, Wang Sicong, Lin Renewal, Chen He, Lin Junjie, Jiang Shuying and Han Han all appeared in netfish cafe in a low profile.

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The theme of the anniversary is Play together for 21 years, which is also a summary of the 21 years of this chain Cafe brand. Netfish was founded in 1998, that year, the first batch of post-80s just turned 18 years old, and the Post-70s were also flourishing, the germination of multiplayer game space was quietly growing; 11 years later, the model of online Cafe came out, just after 90 years of adult gifts received a special gift; 10 years later, after 00, netfish entered the center of the stage. At this time, netfish has become the star brand of electric competition, and the social games carried by online cafes have become the trend. Areas are synonymous with young markets.

It can be predicted that, as a participant of the youth of four generations of players, the net fish net cafe should try more play methods in the future. It is an important memory of youth for many people to spend the dark time with friends in the net fishnet cafe. Although Huang Fengs initial wish to open an Internet cafe was frustrated because business was so good that six computers did not have his share at all, the platform he built personally realized the vision of countless players playing happily together in 21 years.

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