Looking for the big anchor Super Fighting Dreamland to open live recruitment for heavy money and ask the God to take the flight

 Looking for the big anchor Super Fighting Dreamland to open live recruitment for heavy money and ask the God to take the flight

Super Fighting Dream combines fish fighting and tiger teeth to open live recruitment!

In order to communicate with the players more deeply, and to help them experience the game more smoothly, the Game Official of Super Dream will cooperate with the well-known live platform of Fighting Fish and Tigers Tooth to send a live call to all heroes! Participate in the host recruitment and registration, you will be granted the first admission to the Communist Research uniform testing base qualifications, broadcast to resist strange monsters, more than 10,000 yuan Beijing East card awards, etc.

Activity time

Activity area

Competition of Fish Fighting and Tigers Tooth on the Net - [Super Fighting Dreamland] Special Zone

Registration method

1. Log on to the Dogfish or Tiger Tooth account and click on Personal Center - Anchor Recruitment - Online Game Competition - Super Struggle Dreamland to register for the host.

2. In the broadcasting recruitment application, you must fill in your Netease Pass. After the official examination and approval, the Pass can activate the qualification of this test and enter the game on the 14th.

3. Join Super Dream Anchor Group after registration: 657557854. After entering the group, be sure to modify your business card as: Fighting Fish/Tiger Tooth Nickname+Room Number, and read the group announcement in detail, download and use Netease Pass to log on the game, you can start broadcasting.

1. Overpower Award

All the hosts recruited will be ranked according to the duration of the live broadcast, and will have the opportunity to get awards ranging from 100-2000 yuan.

2. Super Popularity Award

The two platforms can not win the award repeatedly. Please scan the specific rules separately.

Game Fish Activity Address:

Scan the code to see the details of live Betta broadcasting activities

In addition, Super Struggle Dreamland will also carry out special live broadcasting activities during the uniform testing period. For example, on October 14, 15, 19, 20, 26 and 27, anchor gathering, breaking the joint front! At that time, the hero training officer will be played by the popular anchor of fighting fish (blooming, pitching, talking) and the popular anchor of tiger teeth (big shopkeeper, tiger teeth, pony, cruel play-mad iron). They will appear at the NPC position of the United Front in the game within a specified time and fight with the players together! During this period, I went to the anchors studio to watch live broadcasting, participate in the interactive lottery of bullet screen, and have the chance to get the electronic mouse equipment!

Fish fighting hero training officer:

Oct. 14-15, 19-21, Warfare Anchor: Blossom, Fish Fighting Room No. 73081

Oct. 19-20, 19-21, Lost Ark Anchor: Anchor 20 shots, Pisces Room number: 286138

October 26-27, 19-21:00, against the cold water anchor: Mo Yan, douyu room number: 1378267

Tiger Tooth Hero Training Officer:

19-21:00 on October 19-20, Tiger-tooth pony, Tiger-tooth room number: 14757206

October 26-27, 19-21:00, Cool Play-Mad Iron, Tigers Teeth Room No. Kuangtie

Anchor tape fly, break through the dream world!

On October 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th, members of the development team of Super Fighting Dreamland will also start the official live broadcast, planning to alias Chen Qinglong (the name of the legion) and the players about 8 people to fight in the PVP arena. As long as they match the plan to the same game, they will have the opportunity to get the Title of a total research uniform test out of print commemoration! The first one will be awarded the title of winner and the second to fourth will be awarded the title of contender, which will be released to the current account bound by Netease Pass during the public test.

Planning the track of Chen Qinglong:

On October 19 and 26, from 15:00 to 16:00 p.m., Chen Qinglong will be broadcasted in the Fish Fighting Room: 988879.

From 15:00 to 16:00 p.m. on October 20 and 27, Chen Qinglong will be broadcasted in Tigers Tooth Room: 1997,79286.

At the end of the dream, save the world! Night falls and dreams are subverted. Come to the world of fierce fighting and be a bloody hero who kills all sides. Before the launch of the test on October 14, the official Weixin Weibo (@Super Fighting Dream), the official posting bar (Super Fighting Dream ol), the official QQ group (748186395), and the official game forum will continue to carry out the release of test qualifications. Welcome to continue to pay attention!

Scanning for First-hand Information