Ang Lee on Hollywood Pressure: Do I have problems or do the world have problems?

 Ang Lee on Hollywood Pressure: Do I have problems or do the world have problems?

Ang Lee on Hollywood Pressure (Source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment monograph reported on Oct. 12 that Ang Lee attended the first screening of the new book Gemini Killer and shared his shooting experience in an on-site interview.

Unlike previous films, Gemini Killer is shot in 120 frames per second, 4K and 3D formats. This high format challenges shooting, post-production and projection technology, and has attracted many fansattention since the film preparation.

In an interview, Ang Lee said that he once again chose to finish his work in a difficult way. He laughed, Now Im the only one to do this. Whats the problem? Is it me or the world? The first one is very doubtful. Faced with the challenging new film works, Ang Lee said: Our entire film system is insufficient, there is no screening, the camera is not right, how to focus, the staff will not do, so the pressure is very great, because to overcome this pressure, what to study is counted in the cost of the film, it is very expensive. In addition, for the films screening effect will not worry, Ang Lee revealed: The films overall economic factors are very large, the film made by thousands of people, this film type we see what habits, habits or not, the whole ecosystem seems to have to adjust, this pressure is great.

In addition, Ang Lee also revealed in the interview that a new Chinese film is in the pipeline.

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Entertainment Specialty: Li Si_NBJ11322