Modi beach jogging garbage collector reminds: unsafe, please put on your shoes

 Modi beach jogging garbage collector reminds: unsafe, please put on your shoes

Global Network reported that on the morning of December 12, Indian Prime Minister Modi was found jogging on the beach of Mamalapram in Tamil Nadu, and he also promoted Call for Indias environmental protection cause.

According to todays Russian (RT) report on the 12th, Moody was found on the beach of Mamarapram early that morning, while exercising and picking up garbage. Subsequently, he tweeted himself and released a video that lasted about three minutes.

He said on Twitter: This morning, I was jogging on the beach in Mamarapram for more than 30 minutes. I also handed my collection to Jeyaraj, a hotel employee. Lets make sure that our public places are clean and tidy. Lets also make sure that we keep ourselves healthy.

Moody twitter

RT said that once this tweet was released, it quickly became a hot topic for discussion among netizens.

Some netizens were inspired by Moodys actions. Many of us hesitate to clean up and pick up the garbage thrown by others. Seeing these pictures of our Prime Minister cleaning up India this morning inspires and inspires millions of people. We will change our dreams and build a new India.

Someone else thought about Moodys safety: Please put on your shoes. Its not safe.

Reported that such scavenging jogging is only one of Moodys attempts to get involved in public health. Last month, Modi also urged Indians to take part in a two-kilometer jog, urging people to exercise and take the initiative to clean up garbage.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310