Overload of more than 300 tons for two trucks? Xinhua News Agency Four Questions on Wuxi Rollover Accident

 Overload of more than 300 tons for two trucks? Xinhua News Agency Four Questions on Wuxi Rollover Accident

Why does the elevated deck suddenly roll over? Is there any safety defect in single pier bridge? In response to the focus of public concern, Xinhua Viewpoint reporters conducted interviews.

Question: How serious is the overload of the vehicles involved?

At about 6 p.m. on the 10th, when the left-turn green light came on at the intersection of Xigang Road in Wuxi City, the traffic surged as usual. With a loud noise, 312 National Highway Viaduct over Xigang Road suddenly rolled over, and nearly 100 meters long concrete deck hit three cars, resulting in three people killed and two injured on the spot.

After the accident, Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City started the emergency response mechanism at the first time, and made every effort to carry out the rescue and disposal of the accident. The expert group of the Ministry of Transport went to the scene to guide the accident investigation. Through preliminary analysis, the overturning of viaduct is caused by overloading of transport vehicles.

Reporters rushed to the scene of the accident on the evening of the 10th to see that on the overturning bridge deck, six hot rolled steel coils loaded by a large truck were scattered on the ground. According to the police, there is also a large truck loaded with seven rolls, the load of the truck is only more than 30 tons, and the weight of a roll of steel coils is more than 28 tons. The total overload of two large trucks is more than 300 tons.

With such overload, even a strong bridge will inevitably go wrong. An industry expert in Nanjing said.

Reporter survey found that 312 National Highway is the main trunk road in Wuxi city, which undertakes a large number of transit and freight traffic between Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou and Nanjing. There are a large number of logistics freight parking lots around the accident section.

After the accident, a 2017 article entitled How long will the Wuxi Fast Inner Ring Viaduct last? u300bThe old wechat account of was forwarded in large quantities. The most unforgettable thing about this incident is that it seems more like an accident that has already been warned and predicted. A netizen commented.

So far, the viaduct has been open to traffic for about 14 years. Some nearby people told reporters that overload transportation is normal here. There are too many large trucks, and many of them are seriously overloaded, sleeping in bed and even shaking the bed. A local citizen surnamed Lu said, The overloaded trucks are really Road killers. In the evening, a lot of big trucks roared past, and everyone was talking about big things sooner or later.

Second question: Why can overloaded vehicles get on the bridge?

In the Wuxi accident, many netizens questioned why the relevant departments failed to block the overloaded vehicles on the bridge in time.

Relevant people from a local transportation comprehensive law enforcement department in Jiangsu said that there were many steel markets near the accident site, and people and insiders warned about the accident bridges. Local authorities should take precautions against it, assign supervisory manpower to key intersections, and intercept overloaded vehicles from getting on the bridge.

But at the same time, due to the numerous roads and limited supervision manpower, it is often difficult to achieve full coverage by only emphasizing Road law enforcement. Now, intelligent monitoring facilities, such as the non-stop detection system, have formed a closed loop on high speed. In the future, we should make full use of Internet technology in national and provincial highways to promote cross-regional traffic information networking, exploring off-site law enforcement, implementing intelligent supervision and strengthening the supervision and management of overload by using monitoring facilities of important nodes. This person said.

Ma Yanqing, deputy chief of Xishan Brigade of Wuxi Traffic Police Detachment, said that there was a large steel market near the accident site, and the next step would be to carry out special renovation for overload and overload.

In addition, the Wuxi accident once again exposed the plight of road governance. Zhang Zhuting, a professor at the School of Management Cadres of the Ministry of Transport, said that the deep-seated legislative problems had not been solved. As long as overloaded vehicles did not cause accidents, they could not be convicted.

In addition, according to the Road Traffic Safety Law, the penalty for illegal overloading of truck drivers is if the truck exceeds the approved load quality, it shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan; if it exceeds 30 percent of the approved load quality or if it violates the stipulated load quality, it shall be fined not less than 500 yuan but not more than 200 yuan. Relevant industry insiders believe that these fines are insignificant relative to profits.

Professor Zhang Zhuting said: The work of overtaking control at the source still needs to be promoted, and the management of vehicle production, sales, registration and refitting is not in place. Some trucks deliberately mark down the approved load to reduce costs when they leave the factory. This kind of chaos is widespread.

In addition, the reporter found that overloaded and overloaded vehicles do not go to high speed, resulting in the traffic volume of national highways and provincial highways exceeding the carrying capacity of roads and bridges, resulting in serious potential safety hazards. However, the sluggish freight market and high tolls make overloaded and overloaded vehicles become latent rules to cope with small roads.

Wed like to take the high-speed, fast and safe, but the high-speed charges are too high. Taking national and provincial roads can save nearly half of the freight. The person in charge of a logistics enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Gu Dasong, executive deputy director of the Center for Rule of Law and Development of Transportation, Southeast University, believes that after toll collection expires, a toll reduction mechanism should be established, supervision facilities should be improved, so that trucks can be more standardized and driving safety can be guaranteed.

Three questions: Is there any safety defect in single pier bridge?

While pointing the cause of the accident to the overload of the truck, the design of the accident bridge has also been questioned.

Reporters at the scene saw that the overturned viaduct is a single pier bridge. A pier photograph of the bridge looks like a single bearing, so the stability of the supporting structure may have potential safety hazards. When the truck goes sideways, it is easy to lose its balance. An industry expert in Nanjing said.

In recent years, many single-pier bridges in China have collapsed. The bridge industry should pay more attention to the transverse overturning caused by eccentric load, especially the serious traffic overload in China, which causes many overturning accidents in the use of the bridge structure. Han Dazhang, Chief Engineer of Bridge, Zhongjia Design Group Co., Ltd.

According to the international conversion methods in relevant fields, the damage of road pavement caused by one trip of 100% trucks exceeding the limit is equivalent to 16 times of damage caused by standard axle load, which seriously affects the service life of highway. In addition, road traffic safety accidents caused by overloading often occur. According to the calculation of the transportation department, the cost of highway maintenance will increase by 200% for every 30% overload of vehicles.

Han Dazhang and other experts believe that in the current situation of road traffic saturation and serious overload, special attention should be paid to the design of lateral anti-overturning system, to some extent, possible overload factors should be considered, and structural scheme should be selected according to local conditions.

According to the specific characteristics of single-pier bridges, some experts believe that the damage caused by overloaded vehicles to bridges is one-time and irreversible, and overloaded vehicles should be strictly restricted to get on the bridge, let alone heavy vehicles running in a concentrated queue on the bridge.

Question 4: What is the company of the truck involved?

Reporters learned from the police that the two trucks involved belong to Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd. at present, two drivers involved, one injured, treated in hospital, and the other controlled by the police.

According to public information, Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with registered capital of 5 million yuan and legal representative of Liu Jianping. Its business scope is road general cargo transportation.

According to the police, the person in charge of the company has been taken away by the police. Reporters in this company see that the companys door is closed, the original corporate name pasted on the wall has been stripped. There are no employees in the enterprise.

Reporters from the online search of Chinese judgment documents found that Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd. has been repeatedly given administrative penalties by the Suzhou Highway Administration Department, the Suzhou Wujiang District Highway Administration Department, etc., and was sentenced to compulsory execution by the court for refusing to execute. At the same time, the driver of Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd. was awarded compensation by the court for casualties caused by many traffic accidents.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310