Women pass by in a rollover accident: the sound of steel pulling is heard as they pass by

 Women pass by in a rollover accident: the sound of steel pulling is heard as they pass by

Xinjing News Today (October 12), Wuxi viaduct rollover incident, under the bridge escaped Ms. Lin told Xinjing News reporter about the escape experience. She said that when she was riding an electric bicycle, she heard the sound of clicking steel bars pulling from the overhead bridge deck and looked up to see that the bridge was going to be inclined, so she rushed under the bridge with a quick charge of electricity. Meanwhile, the tail of the car was scraped, and looked back, the whole bridge deck collapsed, and the cars beside her were completely pressed.

Ms. Lin herself.

When the viaduct rolls over, one person rides an electric bicycle under the bridge.

The Beijing News previously reported that on the evening of October 10, the bridge deck overturned on Xigang Road, 312 National Highway in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, causing 3 deaths and 2 injuries.

The traffic recorder of a vehicle at the scene showed that the front half of a tricycle was suppressed at the moment of overturning of the viaduct, and the owner jumped and ran away. At the same time, on the right side of the tricycle, one person rushed by an electric bicycle.

Subsequently, a snapshot of a micro-message circulated on the Internet, and one of the netizens said, I was hanging there in a second and I fell off after it, shaking my feet.

Today, a reporter from the Beijing News found Ms. Lin, the owner of the electric vehicle in Wuxi. She said that the person who spoke in the Wechat Diagram was herself, who was also a cyclist passing by in the traffic recorder. She escaped from the overpass accident by chance.

Ms. Lin said that she came to Wuxi for 16 years and did business with her husband in the farmersmarket. She and her husband passed under the collapsed bridge on Xigang Road at 4:00 a.m. every day, and at 5:30 p.m., they went home, which was the only way to work. They made at least four trips to and fro every day. The place of the accident was the main road of the city. Every day, there were many vehicles passing by, and there were many big steel cities around. The car pulled the goods past.

Ms. Lin responded in her comments on Weibo.

As I passed by, I heard the sound of steel pulling and looked up at the bridge tilt.

Ms. Lin recalled to reporters in the Beijing News that she still had a lingering palpitation when the incident happened. She rode home from work and heard the sound of clicking steel bar pulling when she passed under the collapsed bridge on Xigang Road. She looked up and saw that the bridge was going to be inclined. It was speculated that the truck might have touched the railings and so on. The sound was very loud, so she dared not turn back and rushed directly to it.

Fill up the impulse, Im afraid of a car accident or something. In case the steel bar falls down and holds me down, and I havent crossed the bridge yet, I feel a little pressure behind my buttocks. Later, I found that the electric tail was rubbed. Ms. Lin said that she dared to look back after crossing the bridge and found that the whole deck had collapsed on the ground. The car beside her had been pressed under the bridge. Her legs were weak and her whole body was covered. She sat down and rested in situ. After ten minutes, she remembered to call her husband. I cant go back. Im under the bridge in a second.

My back is cold with fear. My relatives and friends are scared. Fortunately, my life is saved. Ms. Lin said that after her husband took her home, she had not eaten and slept all night, as if she had picked up a life. For several days, she had been walking around for ten minutes to work. She felt psychologically shadowed and was afraid to pass under other viaducts. Its like the feeling of falling down.

Source: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper