You can eat fast food, but you cant talk too fast about love!

 You can eat fast food, but you cant talk too fast about love!

Sometimes I think that feeling is a luxury, but in todays era, feeling has become a fast consumer goods, rapid love, break up quickly, and have not had time to understand, it has become a past.

When I heard Xiao Man say something between them, I asked her, Its not my venomous tongue. How long do you think youll be together? Xiao Man listened to my question, but calmly told me such a paragraph:

At our age, sometimes we know it is impossible, but still want to try, perhaps to fill the loneliness, maybe just a temporary rise, but suddenly there is a willing to stay up with you to chat, Ken seconds back to your information, really let people rely on, make people happy.

Even if its very short, its not an emotion, but it comes and goes quickly.

When Xiao Man finished this remark with me, I knew she was a clear person, but I felt a little sad.

I dont know when we started, we slowly lowered our expectations for the feelings and requirements for the other half. Although its a pleasant thing to have someone accompany us, Im afraid that when we know its fruitless, we get caught up in it carelessly. Its obvious that everyone is just playing, but you quietly move your heart.

Whenever you have expectations or not, I hope you dont mess up the order of a relationship. Its about knowing first and then deciding whether you want to be together, not the relationship, and then getting to know each other.

Good feelings are a gradual process, and you are bound to spend time, energy and sincerity in it. Fast-food feelings are easy to gather and disperse, and this is not the feeling we really want. Most people just want to fill the empty window and pass the boring time.

If you want to get a sincere feeling, believe me, dont talk too fast about love, dont be afraid that person will run away, the person who really likes you, even if you drive him away, he wont leave you easily.