There has never been a natural good temper, only a willing heart to tolerate.

 There has never been a natural good temper, only a willing heart to tolerate.

There has never been a natural good temper, only willing to tolerate the heart.

Only those who can control their bad moods can master life.

In emotions, we do not need to make sense, distinguish right from wrong, and understand the truth. Instead, we integrate love into every corner, every inch, every frame. There is no missing, only a comprehensive coverage, how much love we have in our hearts, how much patience and tolerance we will have.

No matter how irascible a person is by nature, he will become tender and considerate when he meets someone he loves deeply, tender as water, tolerant and understanding, and some changes are sincere love from the heart.


Deep in love, you will understand

People who love you deeply are often better at understanding your joys and sorrows, knowing your warmth and coldness. They can see through your carefulness and observe the changes of your mood. They can accommodate some of your petty tempers. They are not only fond of your shining points, but also can treat your gloomy time kindly, but they are never tired and impatient.

A person who really loves you will not only love you, but also share with you the chaos and noise of the inner world. He is very willing to accept and grow up with you and become better with you. He will never see your awkward side. He will hesitate and retreat, but will remain firm and unshakable.


If you love deeply, you will be distressed.

The highest state of love is heartache.

The person who really loves you wont leave you alone when your mood breaks down, or just leave you alone. Instead, he will quietly accompany you, even if he cant say a word, so that he can silently guard your side, listen carefully to your full complaints and dissatisfaction, let your mood vent, and wait until you completely confide in him, give you another response or Simple single look, this is a heartfelt pain.

Most people just want to talk and laugh with you, but hate your hysterical crazy scenes, but in real love, good and bad often coexist, there can be no single emotional existence.

The more you can endure the loss of low mood, the more indestructible your feelings are. Its very suitable for the rules of love that you can endure excellence and you cant stand out.


No one ever owes you a heartbeat, and no one owes you a tolerance, so the person who is willing to curb your temper and tolerate you is often the bone of your love.

Temper convergence for a while, gives you youth ignorance; Temper convergence for a lifetime, gives you a lifetime of whiteness.

Too many people quit love and do not love each other. They just cant get along with each other. They just cant tolerate each other. They cant resist their bad temper and the depression of each other. How long do they love, how long do they hurt each other, how long can they not compromise each other, or even longer, because after they break up, they will slander each other for a period of time until the end. Forget each other.

There has never been a natural good temper, only a willing heart.