Chu Danshena Tsai Shaofen: Same as Daxius love, why is the result different?

 Chu Danshena Tsai Shaofen: Same as Daxius love, why is the result different?


Lets talk about Judan.

Since joining that variety show, Zhu Dan has always been secretly spilling dog food. And looking at her happy face, we can know that Zhu Dan is very satisfied with the status quo, because there is such an excellent Monday surroundings. But is it a verbal misunderstanding? The whole world really didnt see how much adoration Judan had on Monday. Even though, it was an unwanted breakfast that moved Judan.

Maybe, as Li Kung thought, I cant bear the romance. When Zhu Dan boasted about Mondays surroundings, he did not attract much sympathy. Even, some are offensive. The reason is that she is not exposed to what we generally think of as happiness; Mondays favor of her is not acceptable from our point of view. But Judan likes it. Shes glad to show off her husband. Anyway, its her own business.

And then Sheena.

Sheena and Zhang Jie, from the beginning was not favored to the present husband singing with women. Years are quiet and the world is stable, mostly so. However, there are always too many scandals around Zhang Jie. Divorced, derailed, anything messy can pull on Zhang Jie. No wonder, Sheena clarified it again and again. The best way to clarify is to tell you that we are really loving. Dont think too much about it.

Some netizens are joking, if they ask Sheena, Do you have a quarrel with Zhang Jie? Sheenas answer is mostly: I never quarrel with Jacob, we have a good relationship; Jacob is very good, he is tolerant of me and so on. Can you see that? Is it too common for couples to have opinions and quarrels? But deliberately expressing that we have a good relationship and are too good to quarrel is somewhat unbelievable. So, this kind of flaunting is invalid.


Ha, I still remember Zhang Jins speech after he won the best supporting actor: My wife is Cai Shaofen, and Ive been happy with her all my life. Under the stage, Cai Shaofen, even tears are shining with happiness. When it comes to Zhang Jin, Cai Shaofengs eyes are full of bright stars. On any occasion, she did not hide her admiration and love for Zhang Jin. Does she say so much I love Zhang Jin?

Curiously, we all have to envy it. Or is it the netizen who asked Cai Shaofen the question of you quarrel with Zhang Jin. Cai Shaofeng may answer: noisy ah, how can not quarrel? Sometimes, I want to strangle him. But think of how handsome he is, just wait. (Wen/Piaoyutong) Its also Xuanfu and Xiu En-ai. I appreciate Cai Shaofen because its very real...

In other words, as long as you feel happy - anything can be done! Xuanfu, Xiu En-ai, continue to walk up! ___________