Has Yoshi not loved Anzai Hyun? To let him go is to let yourself go.

 Has Yoshi not loved Anzai Hyun? To let him go is to let yourself go.


It is said that Ushen also provided photographs of the evidence of Azais derailment. Anzai immediately denied: The photos were taken with a girlfriend he met before marriage, which is obviously a false fact. Well, the right and wrong are only clear to the parties themselves; this matter will also have the most fair and just results. Hopefully, thats a good thing to say and do. No longer love Andai Hyun, no longer mention him.

Its almost gone now, and I think I can survive, said Ge Huishan. Seeing this sentence, I feel a little uneasy. One day, the fantasy began to get angry again. What should we do? No love is no love, but what is the back of love? You Huishan didnt think so much about it. Or you cant think of it. Women are inherently vulnerable in the emotional world. Its hard to calm down when you encounter problems.


Thats why women are more likely to remember their predecessors. They dont let go, they dont have love. It is not reconciled, not reconciled to such an end, not reconciled to the predecessors life is better than their own. In fact, the predecessor may not have had a very good life. Subconsciously, she always puts herself in the position of victim and innocent person. To be honest: A relationship cant come to an end. Both sides have responsibilities.

After one thing, grow wisdom? I hope you can really afford it and let it go. Under her condition, it is not very difficult to meet another boy to fall in love again. (Wen/Piaoyutong) Adjust your mind and forget the person you didnt love. Tomorrow is another day. Not loving that man is not necessarily your loss. To let go of the other side is to let go of oneself. Happiness is at your feet!