Rural origin was ridiculed without acting skills, turning 40 years old as the film emperor, but also hegemony screen National Day files, he is the only one!

 Rural origin was ridiculed without acting skills, turning 40 years old as the film emperor, but also hegemony screen National Day files, he is the only one!

Each others eyes show a strong yearning, but unfortunately the tide washed away again. When the first batch of defence technicians died 17 years later, Ren Su-hsi found black and white photographs of each other on TV. Silent tears, each other eventually missed.

Its not that we dont love each other, but there are more important things to do. The so-called peace of life is because someone has spent their time for you. For actress Zhang Yin, the present achievement can only be achieved by exhausting all ones energy to break through the comfort circle. 01 He is a Country-born man who is ridiculed for not acting and looks ugly.

Two of the three important National Day movies have Zhangs translation, which can be said to be a great achievement.

But he himself said that he refused to participate in Climber because he did not have self-confidence and life experience, and he felt that he could not play the role well.

But after the directors persuasion, he tried again to get out of his comfort zone. He said, I was like an autistic child, and the directors kept opening my windows. Then I found out that I was not only a tower room, but also a north-south transparent room. Later I found out that I had glass on three sides, and finally I found that I could have glass in a circle.

In fact, Zhang Yin is a very unconfident person. He came from the countryside and always wanted to be a broadcaster. But for the first time, because his graduation years have not yet arrived, he regrettably missed it. For the second time, he also missed his favorite school for some reason.

He watched a lot of plays without feeling. After watching A Heaven on a Mans Head and Geologist, he was full of tears. He finally felt the power of acting. Real acting can touch the soul. He was in love with the profession of actor.

In 1997, the comrade-in-arms drama troupe of Beijing Military Region recruited students. Zhang Yin put on his military uniform and came to Beijing.

The leader of the group commented on him as the only one of the 16 children who cant act. Youre acting like a dead man!

Under the influence of Kang Di, Zhang Yin quickly regained his self-confidence in acting and devoted himself to his favorite performing career. Then when the TV version of Soldier Assault was ready to start shooting, director Kang Honglei invited Zhang Yin to play Shi Jin, the monitor in the movie. Although the play was not much, Zhang Yin was grateful to accept it.

As a result, Zhang Yin showed the unique charm of an old soldier squad leader with the performance of the powerful school, which deeply touched the hearts of countless audiences.

Good luck comes when bad luck passes. Zhang Yins greatest achievement in this play is to get him out of his original inferiority complex and begin to believe in himself. Take every opportunity and step by step, Zhang Yin is a good actor. He is not a gifted actor, but he is a very hard-working actor.

He doesnt take shortcuts and always makes problems for himself. Read the script, figure out the characters, deduct the play bit by bit, and exchange views on the role with the director.

A small role, even if only a few scenes, he tried to play personality.

In The Pursuer, Zhang Yin plays an unlucky Northeast killer, originally a killing role, forced by him to play two bastards, each pore is a comedy, is a play.

The most commendable estimate is Zhang Yins crying drama: in Soldier Assault, when he passed Tiananmen Square, the car slowly passed Tiananmen Square, Shi Ban-chang watched the place guarded for many years, and finally burst out crying uncontrollably. Although he still has a big white rabbit candy in his mouth, you can feel the pain in his heart, you can feel the reluctance to leave as a soldier.

In Flying Chicken feathers to Heaven, Zhang Yin plays Chen Jianghe, who has a lot of love and meaning. After eight years, Zhang Yin finally met across the train. At first, he looked around casually and vaguely saw that the side face next to the train window opposite was like Luo Yuzhu. He stretched his neck, squinted his eyes and twitched his lips. He wanted to call Luo Yuzhus name, but found that he could not make a sound. His mouth was silent luo and luo. Over and over again, it made people sigh and grieve.

Theres also the father in Dear: Because the child is lost, his wife is pregnant again, and can face the child that he hasnt found for a long time. Others have found children, as well as his guilt for children, afraid of other peoples sympathy, the Wanli Search for Children initiator, he alone hide and cry. The whole person was paralyzed, crying lonely on the roadside like a poor child, helpless and scarred. His hard work and hard work all the way is the scar of being torn, no one can share the pain, the pain of hopelessness, which makes people unable to move.

With his willingness to invest, dare to invest, and refuse to defeat, Zhang Yin honed his acting skills time after time, and pursued more forms of expression and core time after time, finally he began to be recognized.

When he won the Best Actor Award of Magnolia Award in the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival for Chicken Hair Flying to Heaven, he said, I am a lonely person, I am very shy, but because there are too many people who have helped me, I can become todays me.

Excellent people always have such qualities, he feels that his efforts and sweat should be. Meeting people who can help themselves is the foundation of real success, and giving him the greatest support is the people around him.

03 I can endure and bear hardships, in fact, because of my parents.

He said that his father would give him his bicycle for a long time one year, but it was too old for him to tolerate. For the sake of face, he left it deliberately unlocked in a black alley and said he had lost it when he came home.

Father went out in the snow for a long time that day and saw his sad face and icy hair when he came back. He woke up at once, and at that moment, he decided to treat his parents well and provide them well.

But choosing to be an actor is not a good way to go. At first, I felt that actors earn more money. But after entering this industry, I realized that the actors who can make more money, not everyone can make this money.

In 2013, at his hometown in Shandong, Zhang Yin arranged for his parents. One acts as a neighbors aunt, the other is a passer-by, and each has a line, which is a special actor. Zhang Yin said to them, You are new people. What matters is the future development. This time, no money will be given. So their remuneration became ice hockey and soda, and was distributed to the brothers and sisters on the spot.

That year, Zhang Yins mother was 71 years old. She said that she had never put on makeup when she got married. Today is her first makeup in her life and the first time she went into TV.

In fact, this is Zhang Yins wish to make his mother beautiful once in her life.

At first, he chose to be an actor in order to enable his parents to live a better life at home. But today, it seems that he is not only in love with this profession, but also willing to devote himself to this profession. He has accomplished many roles and himself.

Life always keeps you falling and wrestling, but what you really love always illuminates the way ahead.

He didnt want to worry about the silence before and the hardship ahead. Because he knows, without these hardships and frustrations, when we really reach the peak, how can we feel that it is not easy and worthwhile. -END-

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