This blocked 18-ban game is just the tip of the iceberg where hundreds of millions of women have been humiliated?!

 This blocked 18-ban game is just the tip of the iceberg where hundreds of millions of women have been humiliated?!

Netizens are justified in their anger. This so-called 2D Simulated Nurturing Game contains a lot of child pornography in both plot and voice.

Completely the first perspective of paedophilia game!

We say that game is a double-edged sword.

Here, this sentence is not a dispute between losing the will to play and pleasure to play, but a return to the game itself:

Some games can help you identify PUA and resist domestic violence, while others are on the verge of crime and pose a naked threat to children!

Its also a double-edged sword and the technology these games rely on to survive.

You may not imagine that technology, while helping us to achieve a better life, actually makes the situation of women more difficult.

How does technology serve gender oppression?

Remember the craze and panic caused by Face Change Software ZAO?

Are you ZAO? Youre changing your face. People want your face.

From brushing the circle of friends to being boycotted by the whole people, ZAOs security risks have made countless users feel threatened.

Any woman who leaves facial information on the Internet is likely to be the target of face recognition technology infringement.

Perhaps infringe on you, is no longer just an acquaintance in real life, any stranger who has never met on the network, have the opportunity to fantasize about your photos!

Picture/ Mechano Ji

ZAO is not a lone case, it has a lot of past lives.

For example, the software Deepfake, which is popular all over the world, can turn women in yellow videos into anyone by using face-changing technology.

Just one photo, you can enjoy Gail Gardos porn show at zero cost.

For example, Deepnude software, developed in June this year, can take off womens clothes with the help of neural network technology, which also caused a lot of controversy.

From these examples, you can see clearly how technology puts women at risk.

In February 2019, the U.S. Senate asked Apple and Google to offload Absher.

The application, introduced by the Saudi government, can be used to monitor womens travel in the country, including the number of trips abroad, the duration of the trip, when and where to leave from the airport, and even cancel their travel permits at any time.

Isnt that the electronic shackles worn on Saudi womens feet?

In May of the same year, forgiveness treasure developers announced that their apps had successfully identified more than 100,000 ladies and sisters engaged in undescribable industries within six months, and had completed preliminary filtering for the majority of honest people.

Forgiveness Treasure: A Goddess Artifact That Cant Be Hidden

With the help of face recognition to start women and humiliate them as sluts, forgiveness treasure achieves the spiritual control of women and makes them feel ashamed from the moral commanding point.

These virtual assistants are designed to be gentle and patient women, and even when asked about sexual harassment, they give only submissive answers.

For example, when a user says to a voice assistant, Youre a slut:

Alexas answer was Thank you for your feedback;

Contana searches the Internet.

Google Voice Assistant would say, Im sorry, I dont understand.

These virtual roles provide men with a service of emotional comfort and desire filling, and also consolidate the gender bias that women should provide emotional labor for men.

Of course, there are countless pinhole cameras taking pictures, which threaten womens privacy and personal safety.

Who knows what the red dots hidden in the darkness will evolve into in the future?

All these technologies are aimed at making it easy for men to control and insult women.

Is technology gender neutral?

Even though the gender oppression caused by technology has become a fact, there are still people who will defend technology as follows:

Technology is a neutral tool, it is only used by people with ulterior motives for gender oppression; the bad is people who try to control women, and technology itself is innocent.

Just like the slogan commonly used by the American Rifle Association, guns dont kill people. They kill people.

But is this statement reasonable? Not.

A basic reality is that the whole history of technological development is a male-dominated history. In this case, the technology itself has a strong masculinity (control, domination).

Technology, at least our current technology, is not a simple gender-neutral tool.

Women have been systematically discriminated against in research and development fields such as science, technology and engineering. These fields tend to regard women as researchers with weak abilities and low interests. They think that women are not suitable for these industries because technology itself is a male arena.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that women account for less than 30% of global R&D.

K. H. Srensen, a German scholar, points out that even in countries like Norway, where women are very progressive, women scientists and engineers account for a small proportion, perhaps less than a tenth.

Picture / Hidden Person

Imagine if the researchers are all men, can they feel the same about womens needs and experiences? What can we do spontaneously to improve womens interests?

One of the most obvious examples is in drug research and development.

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience and Science showed that in neuroscience research in 2009, the number of male laboratory mammals was 5.5 times that of female.

In terms of physiological structure, there are great differences between men and women, which leads to the results of the experiment being more suitable for men.

In the experimental animal shock test, after the first shock,

Darters are very different in sex.

Not only animal experiments, but also in clinical medicine, drug companies prefer to use men for drug testing, because men do not have the monthly fluctuating hormonal cycles as women do, so it is easier to choose men for testing.

However, the body reactions of men and women to drug side effects are quite different. These drugs often neglect the particularity of womens body, which will do more harm to womens body.

Eight of the 10 drugs that were forced off shelves in the United States between 1997 and 2000 posed a greater threat to womens health.

Figure / The New York Times

Whats more, gender bias obviously affects the neutrality of technology, and technology has spontaneously practiced this bias.

When reading the relevant words with womens (women, women), the algorithm will reduce the weight of the resume;

In addition, some image recognition AI often associates women with specific environments or behaviors such as kitchens and shopping.

If AI is really the trend of future development, how can all women in the world fight against this gender prejudice which is not mixed with personal feelings and neutral?

Towards a feminized technology?

In general, gender discrimination behind technology is comprehensive:

Not only in personnel selection, but also in the R&D process, product application.

Since technology is not gender-neutral, but loaded with tremendous male value and color, is it possible for us to have a feminized technology?

Figure /

Only by involving enough women in the process of scientific research and making womens caring value voice can we change the thinking and direction of technological research and development.

Technology is a surging tide.

Women, on the other hand, need to reclaim and widen new rivers in order to make them happy for the whole group.

This land belongs to women. Dont let it dry up.

P.S. This article only represents the authors personal views, some of which are from the network.

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