Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Honghongs Secret Book of Love: Marriage is happier if you understand the voice.

 Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Honghongs Secret Book of Love: Marriage is happier if you understand the voice.

I only had a four-hour rest last night, so tired, so hard, can you make people happy for a while in the morning? His wife, Duroxi, has begun to catch fire.

Work tired, who is not tired? The husbands gentle words, let Duroxi collapse completely, tearful, and finally have to go to coax themselves.

This is the epitome of many peoples marriages. Couples talk about each other, but what really hurts people is not that they dont speculate. Instead of listening to the voice of the channel, they have to be aggressive and make each others hearts blocked. Looking back at Zhang Xinyi and Yuan Hongs bickering performance at a daily meal in Men Doing Housekeeping, we can see that Zhang Xinyi married the right person.

Yuan Hong, who is losing weight, said that he was hungry in the middle of the night, and Zhang Xinyi, who was distressed by his husband, got up to make a night for him without saying a word. But after finishing, Yuan Hong didnt want to eat any more. This quarrel cant be avoided.

But Zhang Xinyi compromised. Its OK to have some soup instead of beef jerky. I dont drink soup either. Yuan Hongs childish remark completely angered Zhang Xinyi.

So dont let you cry hungry so easily in the future!

Yuan Hongli, who smelled gunpowder, softened down and said it was his fault. After eating the night made by Zhang Xinyi, he thanked his wife sweetly for her efforts.

In the face of weight loss and health, she cares more about your health. Why bother with your wife in order to lose a few kilos of meat? If you dont listen, you really dont care.

James McNalty, a social psychologist, found in his research that angry and honest communication brings about temporary discomfort, which is more conducive to emotional scene stability. A proper quarrel is conducive to deepening feelings.

Marriage is the life accumulated by firewood, rice, oil and salt. Every little thing is the life of couples. A quarrel is inevitable, and your attitude determines the temperature of your marriage.

Please learn to listen to the voice of the voice, learn to accept and understand. Dont let your marriage not be destroyed by the storm, but lost in the triviality of bickering with each other. 02 Interesting Marriage, Begin with Learning to Listen to Lovers Nagging

The heroes of the movie All My Wife, Dao Xian and Zhenren, from love to marriage, cant survive the seven-year itch. The man couldnt stand his wifes endless nagging. He felt that marriage was boring and boring, and his heart was depressed.

Dao Xian, who had a crooked idea, hired someone to seduce his wife, trying to get rid of his nagging wife. It wasnt until his wife really fell in love with someone and the nagging wasnt around his ears that he realized how warm the nagging was day after day. Unfortunately, everything is late.

The man in the movie never thinks about why his wife is nagging. Zhenren just lacks the sense of security and hopes to get a little care from her husband.

In many cases, the meaning of nagging is not to get the understanding of the pillow people. Its about being able to tell who cares about themselves by nagging.

According to the research of Japanese famous psychologist Kenji Nomori, more than half of married women are nagging about their husbands.

When the word nagging is mentioned, many married men will unconsciously frown, reach out and touch the cocoon in their ears, and begin to cry bitterly in their hearts.

Caesar the Great divorced his wife because she was too nagging and angry. Nagging seems to be a dichlorvos in a failed marriage, which makes their oasis no longer vibrant.

Of course, some people argue that some wives are nagging like poisonous tongues, so that people have to flee.

But I believe that before becoming your wife, she was also a young girl with ten fingers, and no wife would like to be a resentful wife hated by her husband.

My dear father knows this very well. When he is 60 years old, he and his aunt go out to buy vegetables hand in hand and admire others.

Interestingly, the aunt also exerted the power of nagging at home, from the unclean socks to the socks in the autumn trousers fortress, constantly supervising the husband with cholesterol not to touch the yolk, nagging every day.

There is a lot of nagging in marriage, whether its out of dependence on husbands, and a desire for security. Or for the sake of your lovers health, please dont listen with your ears closed. The nagging details hide the real state of marriage.

Think about it carefully. Arent many interesting things in marriage a little nagging but lovely? Learn to listen to good-natured nagging, the wife will not develop into a complaining woman-like nagging ah!

The husband knows how to listen to the trivial nagging in his wifes life. Marriage is more interesting. If there is no nagging appeal, it will be boring and empty.

03 Steady marriages will actively filter out bad words from their loved ones

Although marriage is ones own, many Chinese marriages have a very interesting phenomenon. It is in the gossip of three aunts, six mothers-in-law and outsiders that one can always find that ones marriage has already been labeled with various labels.

Many couples may have done similar things, asking relatives, friends and colleagues how their husbands or wives look in other peoples eyes.

When you hear good words, you will feel very prestigious. When you hear bad words, you may get angry with your wife or husband, feel that the other party has lost you, and may also trigger a family war.

Before they got married, Zhang Jin, the husband of Cai Shaofen, a wealthy maniac, always felt that Zhang Jin depended on Cai Shaofen. Its so ugly and so ugly that Zhang Jins mother still hates him.

But Cai Shaofeng always listens to the abuse from the left ear to the right ear and never makes useless explanations. On various occasions, Zhang Jin also upheld his husband, regarded the bad words of the outside world as armor, and strengthened their marriage fortress.

Colleague Xiaolan and I often complain that they have no status at home, joking that the children can be raised, her parents directly ignored her, 360 degrees of love every day.

Xiaolans family has a blackboard named Wife for adults. Every time her parents quarrel, her father will use chalk to write a pledge to fight his wife happy. If the wife forgives, wipe it off with chalk and hang it in the hall even when relatives come.

Over time, the grandmothers and grandmothers around him began to feel sour. Behind the scenes, she said that her mother was spoiled and arrogant, and did not go to work. When she got to the back, the seven eldest aunts and eight eldest aunts were still counting down positively.

Every time she hears such bad news, Xiaolans mother will play with her father at home, hoping that her father will come out and cure him. But the lovely Lan Dad always praised his wifes acting skills. He never put those words into his ears and praised his wife like a flower.

Faced with gossiping relatives and friends, the attitude of love is very important. Not everyone in the world wants you to live well. There are so many lemon essence, just listen to your left ear and go out in your right ear.

In the long years, there are many negative gossip about marriage. Sometimes the more you explain others, the more energetic you are. Its better to deal with these insignificant words and live with your lover.

The quicker the negative trivial gossip filters out, the higher the trust value of the couple. The more rumors and abuses, the more concerted the couple is.

Believe in the gossip that cant defeat marriage. No matter how many versions are directed and directed by others, we cant put on the play unless we take the lead. - END - Authors Brief Introduction: Lin Lin, a copy of Shenzhen post-95 product, likes to write and read, and firmly believes that writing can train peoples thinking ability.

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